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3 Hidden Signs of Surging Credit Stress

I’m here with a major warning — a warning about hidden signs of surging credit stress. In fact, I haven’t seen these kinds of dangerous credit market moves since the weeks and months leading up to the great credit crisis.

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Coming "New World Order" Revolution Will Be Dramatic (and Ugly)

SocGen has published a fantastic, must read, big picture report which compares the world in the 1980/1985-2000/2005 time period and juxtaposes it to what the author, Veronique Riches-Flores, predicts will happen over... the period from 2005/2010 to 2025/2030. She sees dramatic changes but, unfortunately, they will not be pretty. Let's take a look at what the report has to say about the future. Words: 3025

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"Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable" – A Book by Mark Gilbert

"Complicit" is a rousing, fun look back at the credit crisis filtered through the mind of someone who labored in the center of it. Ending the story much the same way the boom ended for so many a greedy, blinkered little pig — by giving you the middle finger abruptly and without a hint of premonition — only highlights the talent that makes "Complicit" such an enjoyable read. It is a tour of almost-impossible-to-believe tales of greed, stupidity, and woe across eleven short, engaging chapters. Words: 1446

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Dent: How to Prepare and Prosper from "The Great Depression Ahead" (+2K Views)

Most investors didn’t take warnings about the future of the economy and the financial marketplace - warnings that a ‘Category 6 Fiscal Storm’, a ‘Debt-Driven Meltdown’, a ‘Systemic Banking Crisis’, a ‘Financial Train Wreck’, a ‘God-Awful Fiscal Storm’, etc. was in store for the U.S. - seriously until it began. Perhaps this time around, before the other shoe drops, we should become more informed so we will be better positioned to survive and prosper regardless of what comes next. Words: 2128

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