Sunday , 26 May 2024

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“Crexit” Is Upon Us – Caution is Warranted

“Crexit:” a credit crunch brought about by plunging bond prices, soaring losses, an implosion in China’s high-risk debt markets, and a reversal of all the “yield chase” trades investors have flocked to in the last couple of years. That's what S&P's debt analysis team fears is about to unfold with the acceleration in corporate debt and That tells me there’s more going on beneath the surface – and that caution is still warranted when it comes to your investing strategy.

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Get Informed: Greatest Wealth Transfer In History Coming

We are in the early stages of a great debt default - the largest in U.S. history - and we know roughly the size and scope of the coming default wave because we know the history of the U.S. corporate debt market. Rising default rates, rising interest rates on corporate debt, and falling stock prices don’t need to be a crisis for you, personally, however, if you become informed and strike when the time is right. Read on!

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There’s NO Way To Dodge the Bullet: We Must Continue to Leverage & Inflate – or Die! Here’s Why

Interest rates will not rise again in our lifetime. Why, you ask? Because the leverage in the system would collapse the very financial assets and governments which underpin the global financial systems. It is INFLATE or DIE and it provides the additional benefit of feeding insolvent welfare states and the socialist politicians to feed their "useful idiot" supporters. Today’s missive will put some meaning into that observation.

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