Thursday , 22 February 2024

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Fiscal Cliff Would See Dividend Tax Rate Almost TRIPLE for Wealthy

Screams about how these top-bracket income tax and capital-gains tax increases will ruin the economy by hammering spending and eliminating the incentive to work can be seen for what they are - the whining of people who don't want their taxes to go up [BUT, when it comes to the possible increase in the top tax on dividends they have a point - a BIG point - a VERY big point. Let me explain.] Words: 450

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U.S. May End Up Having the HIGHEST Dividend Tax Rates Among the G-10 Countries Next Year! Here's a Comparison

The U.S. may end up having the highest dividend tax rates among the G-10 countries next year [if] the current rates are not extended. [In fact, the rates will double for most and triple for some along with significant increases in capital gains taxes. Below is a comparison of how the current dividend tax rate compares with the other G-10 countries and how it would compare in 2013 should the reduced rate not be extended.] Words: 325

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