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Will Brazil Win Another Economic Gold Medal This Year?

With the Olympic Games underway, many eyes are on Rio...[and, as such,] investors...are...directing more attention to Brazil. While its stock market has had one of the world's best performances to date this year with the MSCI Brazil 25/50 Index up more than 50%...[and] the MSCI Brazil Small Cap Index...[up] over 60%, the question now is, can the rally continue? My take is that it could potentially, but investors need to be willing to accept significant risk. [Let me explain.]

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The Weiss Team's 8 Bold Forecasts for 2010 and Beyond

Martin Weiss' team of international experts - Mike Larson in North America, Claus Vogt in Europe, Tony Sagami on Asia, Rudy Martin on South America - and Ron Rowland, one of the nation's foremost experts on international exchange-traded funds (ETFs) met recently to discuss and determine what they think is coming next. They came up with eight new forecasts for 2010 — some very negative, some very positive - and put forth specific, actionable recommendations based on their conclusions. Words: 1969

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Buy Into the Future with These BRIC Nation ETFs (+2K Views)

Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) are the top emerging markets with much better long-term prospects than most of the so-called "developed" markets and now there's a way you can trade the BRIC stock markets with some new leveraged ETFs — but you need to be careful. Words: 681

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What are the Alternatives to the U.S. Dollar? (+2K Views)

The Japanese yen, the British pound and the euro don’t offer any appeal over the dollar because the currency market is a beauty contest where the least ugly wins and not only is the dollar the least ugly, but it offers refuge when fear and uncertainty grip the markets. Words: 1006

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