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So You Think You’re Financially Literate? Really? Only 48.8% of Investors Answered This 4-Question Quiz Correctly!

What do people actually know about money, investing, and wealth? Well, a recent poll by Lexington Law asked 4,000 Americans four different multiple choice questions with a focus on basic investment knowledge on stocks, bonds, and building a safe portfolio to get a sense of U.S. financial literacy and found that the average score on the test was only 48.8%.

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8 Enormous Fortunes and How Their Billions Were Lost

For most people, building a fortune is an elusive task but, once they have a fortune, many people find that they have a hard time hanging onto it. Below we discuss the 8 biggest fortunes ever lost. The reasons are diverse but, usually, it’s the same forces that built those fortunes in the first place. Economics is a fickle beast. Wealth is a fickle thing. It isn’t as tangible as people like to think.

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Ian Gordon: LongWave Cycle of Winter to Drive Gold to $4,000/oz. (+2K Views)

Investors are beginning to understand that the U.S. dollar is not the safe haven they perceived it was a few years ago and concurrently, neither are U.S. Treasury notes and bonds. Given the American national debt and deficit problems, from both a fundamental and technical perspective, the U.S. greenback has the potential for considerable downside. Ergo and by axiom, gold bullion has significant upside potential to $1,500 per ounce over the short to mid-term time horizon of 1 – 2 years and $4,000 per ounce over the longer term. Words: 1104

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