Thursday , 15 April 2021

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It’s a Mad, Mad “Madoff Market” World We Live In – Here’s Why

Given the economic outlook, there seems little reason for stock prices to be as high as they are...This market could be called a "Madoff Market" in the sense that it is a Ponzi scheme, not the classic Ponzi scheme where exponential growth of new dupes is necessary to keep the scam going...but, rather, on exponential money creation. Fantasy is fun while it lasts but reality eventually intercedes and...[and it is] those way out in fantasy land [who] are especially vulnerable to disappointment [and] so it is for those betting on the stock market and an economic recovery. Let me discuss this further. Words: 1075

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Economic System a Legal Ponzi Scheme on the Verge of Collapse!

Countries around the world, particularly in the West, are hopelessly in the red, with debt rising every day. Even worse, politicians seem paralyzed, unable -- or unwilling -- to do anything about it. It is a global disaster that threatens the immediate future... [Let me explain.] Words: 1132

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