Thursday , 7 December 2023

You Could Have Identified & Tracked Malaysia Flight 370 Using! Here’s How

Identify the particulars of, and track the flight of, any commercial airline any where in the world – in realMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 time – as it makes it’s way to it’s destination using the amazing software provided on It’s easy! Here’s how.

By: Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here; register here)

Had a loved one, or anyone else for that matter, been following the flight of Malaysia Flight 370 using the software provided on* they would have been aware of the about turn of the flight just 10 seconds after it happened and have been in a position to bring that unusual change in direction immediately to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately, no one did and the search for its remains continue after more than 50 days and counting.

The software is absolutely amazing! It shows the specifics, location and progress of every commercial flight in the world. Here’s how to use the site:

1. In the top left hand column there is a box called “planes” that tells you how many commercial flights are airborne at that precise moment worldwide. I think you will be totally blown away by the number – 9,345 as I look at it right now.

2. If you click on an airplane symbol on the map and then look on the left hand column you will get all the following info on that plane:

  • airline name,
  • flight number
  • aircraft type
  • registration number
  • departure location
  • actual time of departure
  • arrival destination
  • estimated time of arrival
  • current flying altitude (put your cursor over ‘altitude” and get the measurement in metres instead of feet)
  • current flying speed (put your cursor over “speed” and get the measurement in both knots and kilometres)
  • ground temperature along the flight path by clicking on the cloud graphic to the left of “altitude”

3. In the bar menu above the word “aircraft” in the left hand column are 4 symbols which:

  • show flight route
  • shows where the plane currently is on its route
  • allows for a cockpit view (Google Earth plugin required)
  • allows you to share all the above info by your choice of several social medias

4. Moving your cursor on the map will take you to the area you want to view and you can zoom in to the degree you wish to see which planes are overhead in your region or town by tapping with your mouse and then following the guidelines outlined in #2 above.

5. Clicking on the blue dots on the map gives you:

  • the name of the airport
  • the airport symbol
  • flight arrivals by:
    • scheduled arrival time
    • flight number
    • departure city
    • airline
    • type of aircraft and
    • status of flight
      • landed,
      • estimated arrival
      • delayed

In addition, you can:

  • click on the bar at the bottom of the page to load information on later flights,
  • click on the avatar to the right of the “Latest Airport Comments” in the top right hand corner to get user satisfaction rating for the airport as they relate to:
    • access
    • facilities
    • WiFi
    • food & retail services
    • lounge availability
    • immigration/customs
    • baggage claim