Who Won the Presidential Debate, Both or Neither? But then, What Difference Does It Really Make?

Who won the debate? Well, if you rely on the media (the CNN poll had Obama winning by 48 to 40 and Fox News probably had Romney winning by the very same number), the commentary was just as I expected, biased, based on one’s ideological point of view. There was nary an objective assessment among the lot! Media types no longer seem constrained or embarrassed  about their heavily opinionated comments which are, for the most part, nothing less than shills and advocates for their respective candidates and/or parties. Words: 378

So says Arnold Bock in an opinion piece sent in to www.munKNEE.com for posting consideration.

The above is one of the reasons I don’t have much interest in partisan politics, the debates, policy statements or virtually anything associated with the game.  Everything is strategized, focus group tested, practiced all with the purpose of maligning the other side or giving the listener what they ostensibly want.

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I find the whole process nothing more that a sporting event with the mindless partisans/fans idolizing their side and demonizing the other.

Where are the objective analyses based on facts?  Where is the gentlemanly respect in the process of discussion and debate?

All that said, it struck me that both Obama and Romney did about as well as each could.  Who won?  Objectively, it was probably Romney in the sense that he could articulate and present numbers better.  As for Obama, he did much better than last time.


Both won and both lost in that perceptions of winning and losing are much more important among viewers and swing voters than objective reality.  Since most people have their minds already predisposed to a certain person or direction, their guy won.  As for the media, they are little more than advocates for one or the other.  Or course their guy won.

As an aside, the only way to reform the system in order to improve it is to place a box on each ballot which allows the voter to check off “None of the Above”  Then those ticks must be counted and published along with the popular vote count of the various candidates. That would show our current democratic process for the fraud that it is….

Who won?  Both and Neither.  Frankly, though, who really cares and does it really make any real difference to the type of government? I think not.

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One comment

  1. I agree and disagree. For as long as things run ok, we can afford this attitude of “leave me alone”…but when things go really wrong, as they are at the moment, we need to be engaged and involved. There are many ways to do it, think of the consequences.