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A Retrospective: Trump’s Presidency Was A Blessing In Disguise – Here’s Why! (+7K Views)

I’m here to announce that Donald Trump was the best thing to come alongUS-Flag for the United States in a very long time. We should not only be grateful we had him relentlessly flashing across every media outlet known to humanity, but outwardly thankful for what he contributed, especially considering the pivotal times that we live in.

Our consciousness in this nation must make a choice if we wish to remain in play as a world super power because, no matter what our media says, we’re about played out.

  • Countries won’t buy our exported food because it’s full of hormones and genetically modified garbage.
  • Most of our manufacturing comes from China.
  • We are no longer required to label the country of origin our meat comes from, even if that country has lesser health standards than we do.

We have derailed, put at risk, and marginalized our own populations in nearly every direction. As someone who sees energetic blueprints and connected energies [see my bio below], I can report:

  • that the United States of America is not United…[and]
  • that Donald Trump will end be seen as uniting our great nation. He was a blessing that should have arrived years ago, yet we simply were not ready for the lesson – and it was [a] doosie.

How, you may ask, has Mr. Trump accomplished uniting the USA? Well, in order for the United States to remain united in this fragile world climate, its time:

  • we kick our secrets to the curb…[and] find out what we really have under our hood — who we really are — and stop hiding who we wish we had the courage to be, in the shadows.

Until we come to grips with some serious tears in the seams of our national fabric — no switching of Presidents and Congress will heal the gridlock and the rip in consciousness of the corporatocracy that, though horrifying, now defines our country.

Enter The Donald. He:

  • was fearless in his commitment to his opinions, and moreover — to himself,
  • embodied capitalism, sensationalism, unapologetic stereotypical male sexuality all with the swagger of a movie-star-meets-professional-wrestler,
  • chose to present himself as a finely-sketched, perfectly sculpted caricature of American ego, idiocy and ignorance.

To those who had never witnessed self-confidence, or have had the experience of being heard, they stood in awe of his sharp-tongued hubris, logging it as unstoppable success. Perhaps that could be them up there, someday; the big man with all the big opinions that someone finally not only listened to, but obeyed.

  • The more applause Donald got, the braver in the moment he became.
  • He was bold and had no second thought to shaming people from his microphone, puffing his chest with self-approval with seemingly uncensored convictions that ignited crowds of 20,000 people to frenzied masses — who then had no where to unload their temporary sense of power except on one another. (In come the police to moderate.)

“I’m behind Donald because he speaks his mind,” said millions of followers, crunching on their chips and watching ringside as the circus continued yet it’s not the fact that Donald Trump was speaking his mind in an outside-the-box way that inspired the deep dedication and screeching discipleship from coast to coast. If that were the case, every Donald Trump follower would:

  • fall at the feet of Bernie Sanders, who has spoken his mind for decades in a way that definitely has been outside the box
  • or they would be devotees of Hillary Clinton for that matter, who has spoken her mind sharply enough to draw decades of calculated wrath from the pharmaceutical companies, the oil industry, and the gun lobbies.

The fact remains that Donald Trump received the unfaltering dedication and hero worship from his followers not because he speaks his mind — but that fact that Donald Trump was, indeed, speaking their mind.

Trump gave a name, a face, a resume and a strangely-fitting suit to the ugly stepchild of American consciousness:

  • bigotry,
  • fear of change
  • and the hatred that is born from resentfully stewing these ingredients in repressed silence.

Finally, the Movement of Secret Seething Resentment had a leader.

  • Those who had shrunk their less-than-shiny opinions
    • under the weight of their own conscience, and moreover,
    • under the weight of fear of rejection from loved ones or society
  • now felt free to pump their sweating fists in the air and declare liberation and they did so unapologetically, as many who have truly felt oppressed do...


…It is not Trump that was the draw himself, but what he transparently stood for…

  • He inspired a certain population of Americans who do not relate with the fast-paced changed taking place in the country...
  • He spoke the language of those who felt silenced in their fear,
  • He voiced their opinions as if sitting around the dinner table,
  • He inspired them to feel alive again…
  • He knew how to create a feeding frenzy that launched endorphins in the brain and raised the heartbeats of millions of Americans.
  • He had an intrinsic knowledge of how to pump the blood back into the extremities of our dulled or frightened populations who had been sleep walking under the guise of feeling invisible, marginalized and voiceless in their terror and discontent.
  • He ate the blind faith of his followers to fuel the bully culture of fear providing the illusion of the escape from that fear while onlookers became part of a mob who for a moment felt power.
  • He spoke the words that so many in the USA were fearful of owning themselves for fear that their opinions would be shot down as ugliness by their neighbors – and they were right.
  • He exemplified everything about America that we pretend does not exist, yet is loathed by other nations across the world. He was the greatest reality check the universe could have ever sent to the insulated and naive consciousness running within the USA’s borders.
  • He embodied the bully:
    • the fear of everything outside of our back yard,
    • the deep paranoia associated with the reality that being Caucasian is no longer a free pass for any type of behavior,
    • the crippling resentment and jealousy against women for being the life-bringers,
    • the corporation who buys cheap Chinese steel to erect superstructures on USA soil while sending jobs overseas for dimes on the dollar.
  • He summarized the insular and offensive nature of the American braggart, all in one human being. He represented:
    • impulsiveness,
    • ignorance,
    • selfishness,
    • fear,
    • misogyny,
    • marginalization,
    • ego,
    • unkindness,
    • pride,
    • sadism,
    • and crassness incarnate...

[just as] does a section of consciousness in the United States.


Notice that I said consciousness above, and not people. People are mutable. We are canvasses that change color depending on the nature of the paint we need apply for decorating the climate of that moment. People learn through fear…through love…through hatred…through compassion…People learn in order to evolve and grow – and consciousness is a learning tool [and] this is exactly why Donald Trump’s terrible 4 years were just what was needed to save America.

Consciousness represents a tide, a trend and, without a Donald Trump to draw out this sticky, seething vitriol en masse from under the floorboards of Anywhere, USA, the toxin of divisiveness, fear, and bigotry would have remained the poison that was slowly killing all within our great mansion.

Trump wicked to the surface a very real and long-standing cancer in consciousness within the USA. This consciousness…will remain the passive-aggressive underbelly that fuels Congressional gridlock, race-wars, and fear-mongering for decades to come…unless we decide it’s all gotten so crazy, so overblown, so idiotic, that it’s time to stop, grow up a little emotionally, and face our fears by applying ourselves every day to make our communities better, rather than playing the role of victim that needs the swaggering movie-star-meets-wrestler to give us a voice.

How about we find our own voices before they become so pressed with hatred and desperation that they no longer make sense?

With this blatant ugliness in the spotlight, showcased by tens of thousands of people, encapsulated brilliantly by a show-stopping performance by Donald Trump, we all have the opportunity to decide who we wish to be, as participants in this conscious growth journey.

  • Are we the onlookers who say nothing because we fear the wrath of the mob?
  • Do we step away from the consciousness that fans the flames of divisiveness and work together to help place balm on our fears by discussing them?
  • Perhaps we simply shout vulgarities at the top of our lungs because for one moment, we feel the blood back in our faces. Yet that is a temporary fix to a permanent conundrum.

Much like a drug Donald Trump gave many the fix they were seeking yet it has not cured the pain.

  • There are good people everywhere who feel they need to find a voice in government. These good people do the best they can with the knowledge and emotional resources that they have, to pick a candidate, yet this isn’t about a candidate. It’s about something much bigger.

Donald Trump represents a consciousness — not a wall, not water boarding, not big or small hands — but a consciousness…

This is a big country. There is room for everyone. If your way of life requires suppressing another — there’s a problem.

I’d like to sincerely thank Donald Trump for so diligently playing his role in the polarization process that will end up assisting in the Ascension of Consciousness for a kinder and gentler America. We couldn’t have done it without you, Donald. After all, we can’t clean the counters if we never move the cookie jar to see that they’re dirty.

The key to the healing that the United States seeks within the hearts of its population is in finding our own voices, without the anger, the desperation, or the need to marginalize another — in order to find room to talk. That is the liberation of America.

[As mentioned previously,] Donald Trump was the best thing to come along for the United States in a very long time and we should not only be grateful we have had him relentlessly flashing across every media outlet known to humanity, but outwardly thankful for what he contributed, especially considering the pivotal times that we live in.

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About the author, Danielle Egnew, in her own words:

  • In my line of work I see:
    • timelines and futures,
    • probabilities rather than possibilities,
    • compare energies of past, present, and future events in order to calculate similarities, find growth, and evaluate pitfalls, blueprint beneath the trajectory of events, life paths —
    • anything, really, that involves the melding of human consciousness.,
  • I’ve been hired by Fortune 500 companies to:
    • monitor the success-or-failure arc of future projects (and how to avoid the fails), and
    • evaluate failing business directives.
  • In addition,
    • I’ve been part of ridding homes and people of horrible and pesky spirits, be they demonic, human or elemental,
    • I’ve even consulted with law enforcement on cold cases, providing pieces of the puzzle whose goal is to help bring closure to suffering families. If it has an energy signature, I can track it. I can identify its purpose through several timelines, outcomes, and probabilities.
  • Overall, I’m in the business of solving puzzles for the betterment of consciousness in the highest good of all. That’s code for “I’m in the healing field”.
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