Sunday , 3 July 2022

Top 10 Economic & Financial Videos: w/o May 16, 2022

Jim Bianco & Joseph Wang; Ron Paul & Phillip Patrick (Birch Gold); Russell Brand; Jim Rickards v. Max Keiser; Michael Saylor; Charles Hugh Smith; Andy Schectman; George Noble and Mike Maloney have their say in the top videos of the week.

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Additional Top Videos:

1. Top Economic & Finance Videos – May 9

Below are introductory paragraphs and links to 21 videos, ranging in length from just 5:37 minutes to a whopping 4 hours and 30 minute documentary. Any one of them will make you much more knowledgeable about our current financial/economic predicament. They have been viewed, in total, more than 8,880,000 times so I think you should find several of interest.

7. These 25 Videos Warn of Impending Economic Collapse & Chaos (+2K Views)

The internet is awash (drowning?) in hundreds of doom and gloom videos providing dire warnings of coming world depression, food shortages, rioting in the streets, rampant (hyper) inflation, deepening banking crisis, economic apocalypse, financial Armageddon, the demise of America – well, you get the idea. Below is a small sample of such videos with a hyperlink to each.


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