Saturday , 17 April 2021

This Week’s Top 10 Financial Videos

  1. Raoul Pal: Is everything a bubble? (73,164 views – 20 minutes long)
  2. Robert Kiyosaki: I’m buying all the silver. Back up the truck (246,860 views – 20 minutes long)
  3. Lyn Alden: Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme? (185,139 views – 11 minutes long)
  4. Stephanie Pomboy: This is the most overvalued stock market ever (29,000 views -62 minutes long)
  5. Tavi Costa: Why silver could triple from here (15,310 views – 30 minutes long)
  6. Rick Rule: Wall Street Silver (20,760 views – 44 minutes long)
  7. Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin Surge Will Pressure CEOs to Move Away From Cash (87,060 views – 15 minutes)
  8. Grant Williams with Jay Martin: Sovereign Debt Crisis in 2021? (22,860 views – 38 minutes long)
  9. Lynette Zang: Bullion banks Are Going Down (89,364 views – 24 minutes long)
  10. BoomBu$t: Congress Holds GameStop Hearing (5,561 views – 25 minutes)
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