Tuesday , 3 October 2023

The Top 20 Gold Mining Stocks For 2018 (+3K Views)

Below are my top 20 gold mining stocks for 2018. Most aregold mining highly undervalued based on their cash flow potential at higher gold prices.


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Stock Name Symbol (US) Stage Share Price (US) FD Shares FD Mkt Cap 1/1/18
Amarillo Gold AGCBF Development $0.24 90M $22M
Almaden Minerals AAU Development $1.03 118M $121M
Asanko Gold AKG Producer $0.70 220M $156M
Falco Resources FPRGF Development $.69 206M $142M
Goldmining Inc. GLDLF Optionality $1.06 152M $161M
Goldquest Mining GDQMF Development $0.29 293M $85M
Hummingbird Res. HUMRF Producer $0.46 354M $163M
K92 Mining KNTNF Producer $0.43 230M $99M
Leagold Mining LMCNF Producer $2.32 155M $360M
Midas Gold MDRPF Development $0.47 342M $160M
Orezone Gold ORZCF Producer $0.56 167M $94M
Paramount Gold Nev. PZG Development $1.30 20M $26M
Perseus Mining PMNXF Producer $0.29 1164M $338M
Pure Gold Mining LRTNF Development $0.44 227M $101M
Rye Path Gold RPMGF Producer $0.22 484M $110M
Sandspring Resources SSPXF Development $0.26 160M $42M
Spanish Mtn Gold SPAZF Development $0.11 266M $28M
Teranga Gold TGCDF Producer $2.38 111M $266M
Treasury Metals TSRMF Development $0.49 137M $67M
Vista Gold VGZ Development $0.70 109M $76M

Here is my analysis from the GoldStockData website for each stock on the list. Some of these analyses are not recent; the date of each analysis is included. Note: The link to each company’s chart is their symbol in the list above. The link to the company’s website is the company name in the analysis below.


All the above 20 gold mining stocks have excellent risk/reward and large resources and all are highly undervalued based on their cash flow potential at higher gold prices.

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