Saturday , 23 October 2021

The ‘shit’ will hit the fan later in 2018 as events turn ‘south’ – Here’s why

The lessons of the 2008 crisis were there for everyone to learn from but ourglobal-financial-crisis financial elites have ‘ignored’ these lessons and chosen to drink another round of deadly Kool Aid (this time a Kool Aid called ‘digital quantitative easing’)…with the ‘hope’ this elixir will save Capitalism and resurrect the Keynesian model of credit/debt indefinitely! Why has it not worked?

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The ‘shit’ will hit the fan again (later in 2018)… Real Estate excesses, cryptocurrency illusions, stock market bubbles, the rich getting super rich, and high-tech monetizations to promote select financial cartels, have created the environment for another financial meltdown in 2018 -19. This time it will be global and pervasive within all markets since all our markets are now interconnected and digital. It’s all happening again in front of our noses but few can discern the times (so it seems).

America’s Federal Reserve is undergoing a complete change of leadership as I write. Could this happen in Europe, Japan and China as well? All this change will mean that new policies will be implemented when the next crisis arrives…[but have the various] Central Banks learned from prior experience? These Central Banker decision-makers should have learned from the events of 2005-09 but they haven’t! Why this continuing gullibility within finance, money, economics?…

This change in leadership points to new thinking and new policies within our Central Bank structures later in 2018 – 19. The message of all these personalities could be that major change is starting to occur and this means that events may not be pleasant later in 2018-19. I also sense this change in mood and attitude within our political halls. Polarization is everywhere! The ‘shit’ may hit the fan later in 2018 as events turn ‘south’ and as new leadership arrives with new ideas. This is what I sense as I watch global events unfold. Another huge crisis is emerging and new decision-makers must soon deal with this coming major crisis.

What will be the next elixir…a trend towards a variety of cryptocurrencies (new money) for the globe? [It seems] our elites want a currency reset for the globe so that a new global digital currency can emerge.

  • Ripple (this new cryptocurrency of 2017) is designed for Central Banks and select elites who want to speed up the processing and settlement of global transactions between banking counter parties.
  • The blockchain technology (within these cryptocurrencies) is leading to a new money for our planet. All this is happening so fast that it is difficult to keep up with the changes…

Watch as Central Banks (everywhere) start their conversion of historical monies to these digital currencies and this blockchain technology for payments and settlement!

The next couple of years could be very interesting and traumatic within finance and economics. The paper/coin money system of old is being replaced with a cashless world of digital currencies…Think for yourself on all these issues. Enjoy and pass this missive on to your friends! Happy New Year! I am:

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