Monday , 2 October 2023

The Real Crash Could Start In 2-3 Months

…Russia historically considers Ukraine to be part of its empire as does China of Taiwan and any invasion of either, or both, of them would…be enough of a catalyst for the global debt and asset bubbles to implode.

The fragility of the world economy is obvious to any observer who cares to look. @HELP

U.S. Stocks 

@$Stock markets are massively overvalued on any criteria like margin debt, value to sales, price earnings ratio etc. It is not just overvalued but at historical all time extremes whatever measure we apply. A look at the very reliable Buffet Indicator shows us how drunk investors really are.

The Buffet Indicator is higher than ever.

…A return back to the 1975-95 level would involve a 75% fall but an epic bubble is very likely to result in an epic fall so I would expect a collapse of 90-95% in real terms which is in line with the 1929-32 fall of 90%.

@$$With global debt up 3x in this century, from $100 trillion to $300 trillion, the rocket fuel that has driven this explosive growth in asset markets is just thin air turned into fake money.

  • Initially the debt will explode due to unlimited printing to save the financial system including the $2 quadrillion derivatives market. The $3 quadrillion forecast in the table below includes a collapse of the derivatives market.
  • Thereafter, as the world discovers that the central bank liquidity created out of thin air is worthless, the debt bubble will implode in an instant, together with all the assets financed by the debt bubble.
With so much global debt, Putin may trigger collapse.

@$$$2022 will be the first of many years…[during which] the world will experience the biggest financial and economic crisis in history. Never before in history has the world seen a global economic crisis of these proportions caused by:

  • massively excessive debts in all corners of the world,
  • exacerbated by epic bubbles in all asset markets.

Whether a potential invasion of Ukraine or Taiwan will be the catalyst, or if it comes from a less significant snow flake that triggers the avalanche, is irrelevant…

For investors who stick to stock market investments, they are about to get a shock of a lifetime as the stock market bubble bursts. The decline in asset values will be violent and sustained, leading to a massive destruction of wealth. The start of the real crash could be in the next 2-3 months.

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