Monday , 2 October 2023

The Number of Corporate Executive Suicides Are Escalating!

You can’t count them on your fingers anymore. Below are the names of 14 executives who have taken theirinvesting10 own lives in the past 9 months. Reading about their deaths (links provided) suggests that the pressures of work were just too unbearable.

So says Albert Sung ( in edited excerpts from his original posting* entitled Another Banker Drama: ABN AMRO.

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Sung goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Below is a chart of the suicides on a timeline…[It seems to have] started to get serious in February 2014….

  1. CEO Daniel Eicher, 53 — suicide, left two notes — week of 6/10/2013
  2. CEO Carsten Schloter, 49 — suicide, found hanging — 7/23/13
  3. CFO Pierre Wauthier, 53 — suicide, found hanging, left two notes — 8/26/2013
  4. Hedge fund exec Robert Wilson, 87 — suicide, jumped from 16th floor — 12/23/2013
  5. Swiss Re AG director Tim Dickenson, 39 — cause not released — week of 1/19/2014
  6. Executive William Broeksmit, 58 — apparent suicide, found hanging— 1/26/14
  7. Banker Gabriel Magee, 39 — jumped or fell from building — 1/28/14
  8. Chief economist Mike Dueker, 50 — found dead next to Bridge — week of 1/26/2014
  9. Executive Ryan Crane, 37 — no cause given — 2/3/14
  10. CEO Richard Talley, 57 — suicide by nail gun,7 or 8 self-inflicted wounds — 2/7/14
  11. Banker Dennis Li Junjie 33 — jumped from from a building— 2/18/14
  12. CEO Autumn Radtke, 28, — was found dead in her Singapore apartment— 2/28/2014
  13. Banker Kenneth Bellando, 28 — found dead outside his apartment . — 3/12/2014
  14. CEO Jan Peter Schmittmann, one of the 3 dead found in a home — 4/5/2014
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  1. I hope the above listing not part of some “housecleaning” effort by those that are currently controlling the value of PM’s at all costs, because as the pirates of yesterday used to say, “Dead men tell no tales.”

  2. Allen wrote: “HOW would one commit suicide with a nail gun? one every five or six days (or however you chose to do the math)? all executives? something is not coming together?????????”