Thursday , 7 December 2023

The Bubble In Gold & Silver Is About To Begin!

…The Fed’s…[increase in the interest rate on Wednesday] virtually guarantees a recession or depression. The beginning of the end of the bull market in stocks and real estate has begun, and the dawn has come for the pending bubble in precious metals.

@$$4$…I said in my 2022 forecasts posted in December that stocks would be flat for the year. The Fed’s actions yesterday reinforce that expectation, imho, unless they reverse course sooner than anticipated. When they do reverse course, we’ll get a final melt-up in stocks prior to the total collapse of everything. This is most likely to occur next year—latest 2024, in my opinion. The WEF’s risk survey reinforces this expectation, calling for an “Asset Bubble Burst” some time between 2023 to 2025.

This means the sky is the limit for Gold and Silver…[but] the risk is that we head lower first, either straight down or following a negatively divergent record high. I would lean more to the latter if it plays out due to the record short position held by the Bullion Banks and the extreme overbought and bullish conditions at new record highs. This will be like taking candy from a baby for the Bullion Banks. The temptation to squeeze out all of the weak longs would likely be too great.


…As I’ve been doing since December, I’ll be buying any and all material dips because the inevitable march higher to new record highs is coming, imho. Any pullbacks, no matter how big, will just be a detour before the rocket launch. Different route, same destination.

The glory days of new record highs in the stock market and home prices rising 20, 30, 50% per year are coming to an end. The bubble in precious metals is about to begin, and it will last for decades, imho.

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