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Why You Should Buy Physical Gold NOW!

Official figures released recently by the World Gold Council have confirmed that the annual demand for gold in 2010 rose by 9%, a ten year high, suggesting that the current price is not only sustainable but likely to increase further. Indeed, if you want to protect what you have and want to be sure that you are left with something for your future survival then get into gold now. It is the inflation proof investment that is like fire insurance for your personal wealth. Exactly like fire insurance, do you think you should buy it before or after the event? Words: 702

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Asian Demand for Gold & Silver Will Cause Much Higher Prices – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Ignoring real estate, most people invest their hard earned money in paper things - stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance - [except] in China and India... [where] they are converting their hard earned paper money into gold and silver bullion. [While] that is nothing new the scale and speed with which they are accumulating precious metals IS new, and it’s driving the fundamentals that will lead to higher prices in 2011. Words: 1421

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