Friday , 23 April 2021

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Watch Out for These 4 Potential Market Risks

The global equity market faces a number of risks and the risks I worry about most are those that aren't completely reflected in relevant asset prices. In other words, if these scenarios [were to] occur, investors...[wouldn't be] compensated for any resulting violent market reaction. Here's a look at four such risks.

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Stop! Don’t Forget Market Risk – Remember What Happened in 2000 & 2007/8 (+2K Views)

Investors are more bullish now than at any time since 2002 but the current rally has not been fueled by improved prospects of actual growth and wealth creation. Instead, it’s mostly due to 1) investors desperate for income denied them elsewhere by central bank policies; 2) printed stimulus cash seeking a home and 3) sheer technical momentum but nowhere do they seem to be considering market risk - the risk that your investment will lose value because it gets dragged down in a falling market. Words: 615

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