Monday , 19 April 2021

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Take Note: What's Happening in Europe Could Cause MAJOR Crisis in U.S.!

Many people have been writing in to ask me, "why are you focusing on Europe so much? Who cares about Spain?" The short answer is that everyone should care about Spain. Spain could potentially take down the banking system in Europe, which would mean the US facing a Financial Crisis at least on par with 2008. That is why Europe is a HUGE deal for everyone....We're talking about systemic risk on a scale that would make 2008 look tiny in comparison. [Let me explain further.] Words: 674

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Was this Crash Engineered by the Fed to Bolster Demand for Treasuries?

It was suggested 1.5 years ago that the next stock market crash might be one orchestrated by the Fed to create interest from historic buyers of US debt. The scenario went like this: you let the stock market collapse (i.e. no interference by the infamous "Plunge Protection Team") to generate a “flight to safety” environment which would push billions, if not hundreds of billions, of dollars into U.S. Treasuries, soaking up its increasing debt issuance and roll-over with little difficulty thereby flooding the bond market with much needed demand. Were the recent dramatic declines in the U.S. stock markets so engineered by the Fed? Words: 852

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Massive Stock Market Selloff Likely in Mid-2011! Here's Why

A major crisis is coming in the first half of 2011 and it could cause a worldwide financial disaster, global market crashes and the destruction of wealth that will make the popping of the dot-com and housing bubbles feel like a mild inconvenience! Why? Because, quite simply, America is playing a dangerous game of “chicken” with its national debt - and the ramifications are extraordinary. Words: 1475

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