Thursday , 22 April 2021

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Who Is Responsible for Current Weakness in Gold? (+2K Views)

Just as US investors are advised not to fight the Federal Reserve, gold investors worldwide would be well advised not to fight the Government of India. India is the world's largest gold consumer [and their intent on curbing gold imports by any means necessary could have a negative effect] on world gold demand [and, as such, most likely, on gold prices. IMO,] at best, we will see a sideways market in the price of gold in 2013, and at worst, this will be the year when gold prices start the inexorable drop.

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5 Reasons to Short Gold (+2K Views)

There are significant challenges to gold prices increasing in 2013. In fact, I believe that gold prices should move down in 2013 because of five strong headwinds, elaborated in this article. Words: 464

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Short Gold! Really? (+2K Views)

Gold’s loss of momentum in the past months has predictably brought out calls to short gold. [This article offers] a brief guide to whether you should consider or ignore these [suggestions]. Words: 1184; Charts: 1

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