Saturday , 19 June 2021

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Why Isn't Gold Hitting New Highs Given What's Going On In the World These Days?

...[Y]ou may be curious why, despite continued money-printing and abysmal US economic reports, gold hasn't been able to hit new highs. The answer is that gold is currently priced for collapse. Many investors believe the yellow metal has topped out and are selling into every rally. Treasuries have temporarily overtaken gold as the primary safe-haven asset [but, as I see it,] once that dynamic is broken the counterflow into gold will be tremendous. [Let me explain further.] Words: 797

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Low Real Interest Rates Say Gold Bull Still Has Legs! Here's Why

Many agree that the United States' massive budget deficits and global monetary inflation support the gold bull market. I don't see this changing in the near future. Still, sentiment is not enough upon which to rely. I need a yardstick and, for me, that yardstick is U.S. real interest rates. [Let me explain why that is the case.] Words: 1600

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Gold is Due for a Correction BUT Long-term Prospect is Bright – Here's Why

Gold is due for a correction. It would be a non-event to see a 10 percent drop in gold and this would actually be a healthy development for markets by shaking out the short-term speculators while the long-term story remains on solid ground. [Indeed, were] gold’s relative value to return to 1979-1980 peak levels of 7.6 times the S&P 500, gold would have to hit the $10,000 mark. [Let me explain further.] Words: 1316

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