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Nasdaq 100 Dropped 80% Last Time Penny Stock Volume Was So High – Will it be different this time? (+2K Views)

Penny stock volume as a percentage of Nasdaq volume became a very large percentage (3.2%) back in the dotcom bubble peak in February of 2000, reflecting that a high level of speculative trading was taking place. In the next few years the Nasdaq 100 lost over 80% of its value! Recently such penny stock volume has risen to a record high of 4.5%! Will it be different this time?

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Adjust Your Portfolio Depending on the U.S. Dollar's Next Move! Here's Why

The election is now behind us and I pray our elected officials can come together and make quality decisions to move this country forward in a positive direction. [That being said, how the U.S. Dollar Index reacts over the short term] is going to be very important for portfolio construction in the weeks and months ahead! [Let's take a look at what the following charts say on the subject.] Words: 225

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