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#$$4$ Symbol Decoded

You will notice that the symbols @$$4$, @$, @$$, @$$$ and @$$$$ are appearing in all the recent articles posted on as hyperlinks. They are not being clicked on that often, however, so this article shows what would have been accessed had that been done.

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What In the Financial World Is Going On? A Perspective

Lorimer Wilson with Gold Bar

We search the internet every day for the most informative articles which we then edit, abridge and re-format, where necessary, and then post on so our millions of readers can quickly & easily read the latest - and best - financial articles available. It has become the internet's go-to site for those in the know.

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Stock Market Alert! These Articles Say What’s Up (& Possibly Going Down)

With the stock market forging ahead it is imperative that those who manage other peoples money (and/or their own) become extremely well read - beyond their normal corporate reports, opinions and analyses - on the reality of what is evolving in the marketplace from as many different perspectives as possible. Because it would take days to gather such information we have gathered together a number of such articles on the subject with introductory paragraphs and hyperlinks to each. They are well worth your time to read.

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The State of the Global Economy in 27 Charts

Goldman analysts Noah Weisberger and Aleksandar Timcenko are out with their July presentation on the state of the global economy...[and while] the charts paint a decidedly negative picture of the global economy...some of Goldman's proprietary indicators – including their Global Leading Indicator and the Swirlogram – suggest there may be bright spots.

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5 Must-visit Investing Websites (+2K Views)

If you want to be a successful investor, you need to know what you're doing...To really figure out what's going on in the markets, investors have to read, read and then read some more. Here are five of the best investing-related websites to get you started. Words: 900

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