Sunday , 1 August 2021

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Further QE Would Amount to _issing in the Wind! Here's Why

"… those who are waiting for the Fed cavalry to ride over the hill and rescue the economy are doomed to disappointment....The banks are awash in loanable funds, businesses are cash-rich and opportunity-poor, and interest rates are already so low that lower still will not attract borrowing....More liquidity is unlikely to impart more impetus to the sluggish economy…. Congress and the President should not count on the Fed to bail them out of their mistakes…. Central banks are unable to help in the face of persistently flawed economic policies."

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Buffett, Russell and Hoisington: Deflation or Inflation? (+2K Views)

“Unchecked greenback emissions will certainly cause the purchasing power of currency to melt.” says Warren Buffett. Words: 982 In the following edited excerpts from the original article* Cam Hui ( puts forth the case for both inflation and deflation by the likes of Richard Russell, Warren Buffett and Van Hoisington: The Case for Deflation 1. De-leveraging There are many analysts …

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