Thursday , 16 September 2021

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Gold: Crash? What Crash?

"What crash?" Gold is still up almost 500% since 2001. How does the S&P and Dow compare over that timeframe? Better yet, how about Apple stock? There is no other investment sector/space as they like to say these days, which can come close. So again I ask "What crash?"

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8 Reasons Why Gold Crashed & Will Likely Continue to Decline

In my article of April 5th, posted here, I maintained that in the next year, and particularly for the next three to six months, a liquidation phase in the current cyclical bear market in gold would likely develop,,,[causing gold to] fall sharply. [Below are the 8 reasons I mentioned back then which still remain relevant today.]

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Peter Schiff Explains the Pullback in Gold & What the Future Holds

People who are saying there is no reason to buy gold now, never understood the reason people were buying it in the first place. People weren’t buying gold because they were worried about a crisis in the Eurozone or weak US stocks. People were buying gold because central banks were printing too much money. It’s inflation that drives the gold train, not political uncertainty.

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