Monday , 11 December 2023

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Say “I WILL NOT PAY!”: An Open Letter to Those Under 18 (+2K Views)

I implore you to pass around this letter to your friends. Talk about it among you. Post it up on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Discuss the fact that our government and your parents think you are going to pay over $180,000, and rising rapidly, so that us older folks can have our cake and eat it too...and then force you, the children of this nation, to cover our selfishness and outrageous conduct. I say to you in this open letter that it is your right to stand as American citizens, irrespective of your age who have not yet consented, and say in a loud, clear, singular voice: "I WILL NOT PAY!" Words: 2112

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Bond Market on Brink of Collapse (+2K Views)

Secretly, the Fed is in a panic to ward off a bond market collapse! They know that, sooner or later, they MUST send the message that they're serious about cutting back on their mad money printing. The danger of course, is that foreign investors will get an entirely different message: that Washington's efforts to fight the most severe recession since the Great Depression are waning. If that happens, you could see turmoil — not just in the bond market, but in every asset class imaginable. Words: 770

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