Sunday , 18 April 2021

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U.S. Can NOT Avoid Coming Economic Collapse – No Matter What! Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The U.S. government is spending more than a trillion dollars more than it takes in every year...[which] all gets into the pockets of ordinary Americans [who,] in turn,...use that money to pay the mortgage, buy food, shop at the mall, etc. - creating a "false prosperity" bubble that is not real. It may feel real to you right now, but it is unsustainable...We are living in the greatest debt bubble the world has ever seen and, as such, a devastating economic collapse is on the horizon no matter what we do [so] don't let this false prosperity and this "calm before the storm" fool you...There is going to be a massive amount of pain so you might want to get yourself and your family prepared for that. [Let me explain.] Words: 1211

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Debt Bubble: We're in a Dangerous New Phase – Here's Why

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Largarde, said Friday the world economy is entering a “dangerous new phase.” Lagarde is referring to a debt bubble, the likes of which the planet has never seen before, and the possibility that it could all unravel at any moment. Uncertainty over the debt crisis in Europe is what caused the Dow to crash more than 300 points at the end of last week. What is Lagarde going to do about the debt problem? Words: 1752

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America: The Party is Over! Here's Why

We Americans have enjoyed an incredibly wonderful standard of living over the past three decades with most of us believing that it was because we are the world's wealthiest, most prosperous nation with economic and financial systems that are second to none - but that is not even close to accurate. [The truth of the matter is that] we are [actually] in the biggest debt bubble the world has ever seen! It has been the greatest party in the history of the world, but it is time to turn out the lights because the party is over. [Let me explain.] Words: 1518

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