Thursday , 22 April 2021

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Situation is Ultra-bullish for Gold & Silver Bullion and Stocks! What are You Waiting For? (3K Views)

The technical situation is ultra-bullish for both gold and gold stocks. Sentiment indicators...continue to show [that] the dollar is poised for a serious decline and the MACD on the gold chart is giving one of the most powerful buy signals in the history of the bull market. The GDX should reach $75 a share by year-end and gold should push to new highs in the $2000 area by January of 2012 [while silver] could possibly be the best investment opportunity available to investors for many years to come! [Let me explain and back up my comments with an array of charts.] Words: 781

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Is It Time to Nibble at Gold Miner Stocks? (+2K Views)

The behavior of the stocks of the various gold miners in recent times warrants special attention. Let's take a look at the GDX:GLD ratio, the Gold Miners Bullish Index and the volatility of the currencies and stock market indices of the emerging markets where most of these mines are located and determine what they suggest as to what we could well expect in the performance of such stocks in the months ahead. Words: 585

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