Saturday , 31 July 2021

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von Greyerz: 4 World Crises – Sovereign, Banking, Economic and Social – Guarantee a Hyperinflationary Depression (+4K Views)

We are in a number of crises: the sovereign crisis, a banking crisis, an economic crisis and a social crisis. The first three crises together are guaranteed to bring down the world economy because they are not just in one country, they are worldwide....A social crisis will develop leading to even more social unrest. All of these factors are why this will ultimately lead to a hyperinflationary depression - the most serious depression the world has ever experienced - and why investors have to focus on protecting their wealth.

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Unprecedented Financial Storm of Unknown Scope is Engulfing Us

If you thought the global financial crisis of 2008 was difficult, wait till the sequel comes to your doorstep...An unprecedented financial storm of unknown scope and dimension is upon us...there is a civilization-scale catastrophe taking place and there will be little or no recovery from it for as far as the eye can see into the future. Words: 1450

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