Wednesday , 17 August 2022

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Noonan: Charts Suggest Potential Support for Gold Down at $1,040 to $1,100 (+2K Views)

If you want to make rabbit stew, first, you have to catch the rabbit so hopefully, first, we'll see some concrete signs that a bottom is in before the regurgitation of “Gold is going to $10,000!” starts showing up in a host of new articles pandering for attention. The best way is to decide for let us go to the most reliable source, the market, and see what the prices of gold and silver have to say about what everyone else has been saying about them. People have been known to exaggerate, even lie in their “opinions,” but the market never does either.

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Gold Prices Could Still Fall Another 25%! Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Surely, the swift and severe plunge in gold represents a buying opportunity, right? I mean, it's not like the Fed finally stopped printing money, right? Wrong! As the old saying goes, "never try to catch a falling knife" and that's especially true in the case of gold. Below are 3 fundamental forces working against gold prices and, combined, they could ultimately push the precious metal down another 25% from here.

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