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Sprinkle Some Barrick Gold Corp. Stock Into Your Portfolio For A Little Sparkle! Here’s Why

I think Barrick Gold is one gold mining company that should outperform all the others in thegold panning months ahead. This article looks at the company’s most recent earnings report and what this report indicates for investors considering sprinkling a little gold into a portfolio in need of a little sparkle.

Barrick Gold Corp. (NYSE:ABX) is one of the world’s largest gold producers, and has been on a very bumpy ride of late. Since breaching the $50 level in the most recent commodities rally following a sluggish U.S. dollar post-recession, ABX stock has dipped dramatically, falling below $10 in 2015 and rebounding to the $17 level of late.

While the current stock price is approximately 25% below its 52-week high, indications are that this is a company likely to outperform should the mining company continue to churn out excellent earnings results amid an improving macroeconomic environment, one which is expected to be much more friendly to the yellow metal.

Earnings Report Indicates Improving Fundamentals

Looking at ABX’s most recent earnings report, ABX (already the world’s largest gold miner by volume) reported:

  • all-in sustaining costs of $710 per ounce, substantially below its major competitors, reflecting ABX’s drive toward profitability and long-term free cash flow generation and
  • increased gold production of 1.432 million ounces at some of the lowest production costs in the industry.

The impressive production numbers have perhaps been overshadowed by ABX’s massive debt overhang, however, which sat at $7.9 billion at the beginning of 2017. To improve the company’s debt ratios, ABX management has engaged in a sustained deleveraging program, in which the company is aiming to reduce its overall debt load from the aforementioned $7.9 billion level to $5 billion by the end of 2018 (two short years).

  • In this last quarter, ABX has been able to reduce its overall debt load by $309 million, bringing the miner closer to achieving its $1.45 billion debt reduction target by the end of 2017 (first half debt repayments have totaled $487 million).
  • With the proceeds of the company’s Veladero sale ($960 million) expected to be used exclusively to pay down debt, ABX stock is within striking range of hitting its 2017 target in Q3, making its 2018 debt reduction goal of having only $5 billion of debt appear very attainable.

Free cash flow generation is another area investors have wanted to see improvement with, and investors expecting improvement on this front may now have something to cheer about.

  • The most recent quarter has turned out to be a very profitable one for ABX stock, leading the company toward its goal of being free cash flow positive for 2017. In Q2, ABX reported operating cash flow of $448 million and free cash flow of $43 million.

Bottom Line on ABX Stock

Having a portion (even a small slice) of a portfolio invested in precious metals is widely considered to be a prudent play, given the defensive nature of the precious metals sector.

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