Sunday , 24 September 2023

Silver Breakout To $22.50-$24.00 Coming In Next 2-4 Months – Then Quickly To +$85/ozt! (+6K Views)

Our research team believes Silver may become the most incredible Sleeper Rally Setup we’ve seen in the past 12+ years for investors if the global economic cards continue to get scattered and crumpled over the next 10+ years…

…We believe Silver is setting up another High Price Breakout pattern that should conclude within the next 2 to 4 months with a price high near $22.50 to $24.00… After this peak is reached…we believe the upside price rally…will…immediately move the price of Silver to well above $85 per [troy] ounce. Ultimately, we…estimate it will likely top somewhere between $90 and $550. This, of course, will require some type of major bear market is other asset classes and possibly some global crisis but we believe it is very possible in due time…


…There you have it – one of the most incredible trade setups you’ll ever see in your lifetime.  Yes, it may happen twice in your life or more, but we believe this setup in Silver is just weeks or months from initiating the next upside price leg (the High Price Breakout) and we are alerting you now to be prepared.

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  1. The upside in Silver one can take profits is NOT THE STORY. The story/ are the 10’s i of “real” silver miners RIGHT NOW TRADING AT 3-5 percent of their previous high made NOT ALL THAT LONG AGO. THIS TELLS ME THE ENTIRE CROWD FROM OUR LAST EXPLOSIONS are forgotten- excuse me-“: “HAVE FORGOTTEN” IE the basement sentiment itself is upside signal standing alone. I am speaking of only “real juniors” -miners typically once trading at $2 now 10 cents, and enjoy starting your due diliegence, but I know of one 8 center down from $2 that is IN BETTER SHAPE now !! I am Scottish, am not “cheap” BUT hmm I LOVES NEGLECTED VALUE!! It satisfies that hunger to buy virtually at the low, and with silver miner indexes at pre crash levels , the “tiny juniors” wait for the searchers for leverage of silver- and when they ‘rediscover ‘ in a day one may have doubled. There is gold fever but silver fever crushes it, and there is “on fire” silver miners of size, but the big boys MAY give a 1000 percent but the babies with real assets – companies whose duty has been to be a real perpetual call on higher silver with little dilution. A HUGE TASK. Thank you execs and workers that know their worth is not at $22 silver . Rather it is all that cream , those revenues above fixed costs = breakeven at $20 leverage they offer at $50 silver! This fixed Fixed costs is what “ACCOUNTING ONE” can pay a good student millions for understanding the companies that survive ARE BY FAR THE MOST EXPLOSIVE MOVES THEIR EYES WILL EVER SEE!!, Because!! every dollar move in silver once their their “all in” costs are made- be it $16- $23 /ounce . I was a derivatives trader as occupation and I tell you there is NOTHING that can provide a such huge stock gains than when their costs are covered and every penny move in silver- goes right to the bottom line. We can spend hours finding the THE!! tech stock- BUT AS MUNKEE has displayed this is NO FANTASY !! I know because I have caught a wave or two and back in,1) PERHAPS THE MOST ASSURING SIGN THAT WE kookoos that buy shares 8 cent shares START TO SEE THE HIGHER PRICED HIGH LIQUIDTY miners get really really hard headed wanting to go up even with silver down. Does it not make sense if vou KNEW that silver was going to run that you buy up calls en masse in say SLV, big positions in Couer type miners? How can one be so certain the metal is going up?? BECAUSE HE AND HIS PALS are going to make it happen after they have loaded up in the LIQUID deriviative products !!! But we get to play even in higher returns because our entire market caps of these 8 centers may be $3 million to $40 million. So the funds cannot touch our picks until their market caps are 20-50 to 100X what I just wrote. I will coin this- “When we see our pennies move up 5x , 10X and we may get antsy to sell (I KNow wife, friends, kids- do not get it- but the big gains come only with severe mental pain ) So when they/you want to sell your first sale MAY BE SELLING TO SPROTT CAPITAL AS THEY are just now ALLOWED to buy shares as there are =mininum $$ Market Capitilization restraints for many funds to participate. Now who likes this trade. “Sprott buyer OPENING, Schwab selling to CLOSE. !! (This is trader talk- “Yo Joe I sold some shares of USAS today AS A SACRIFICE) That is a term I made up- sacrifice- that provides enough relief for family and you CHA CHING – it is like a toll on the road to BIG numbers. Again I stood on options floor 20 years. Here are things you Do not want to do . Many traders think of ‘all or none’ The can’t seem to move on unless , in our case we SELL EVERY SHARE AT ONE PRICE and time’ So unless you NAIL IT and stock tanks you will die every up tick- sell only what you need to sleep at night and sorry, the college bills , OUCH. Remember NO ONE IS IN ON THE 10 CENTERS!! Except me and you and a few others. Others only will buy with a official break out pn heavy volume. The Scot in me HATES buying on strength = the signal may be after stock has popped 30 percent!! Not I – I KNOW it will break out- and granted time can be excruciating waiting- I know with the same amount of money I out bought Mr “break-out” amount of shares by 30 percent! You want a million or 1,300,000 ?.OOPs, of course yiu are upo 30 percent and “wait till breakout confirmed” bought just before the close and is no earnings or losses. If this is your first big run trust me , the 8 cent shares
    are EACH now precious. CRITICAL: In your shopping to get a big position in 2-3 silver babies, former ‘contenders’ , TRY to purchase a ,miner where management is “in” low salaries, and you get the feeling some may have deep pockets to fund the company (w/o raping it” ) and when you call ” Sir, I LOVE your compoany, and I am wanting to be a “happy share holder (99 percent are losers and hate them!!) Please tell me if the silver property that took the stock to $3 eight years ago- IS IT STILL READY TO GO , or is it going to need X millions to mine. Or, what is your plan to keep company on decent financial footing as I want your 10 cent shares as one of my MAIN EXPOSURES for the coming silver Reveal.” Or being political ” The great UNMASKING to win the game 1) XYZ may have the goods still but is there a large debtor etc. 2) How v=committed is management to hold on until that great day. Man what a windbag,!i am The less certain you are of a pick staying as a going concern, the less it is in your choices. eg if you find one, that is cash flow positive , has the same ore in ground , the presidents salary is $25k and he owns 7 percent, do not fear making that 1 of 3 or 1 of 2. NOW THE BIGGEST GAINER IS THE ASSET RICH COMPANY , that you thought may not be able to continue. Yet if it is about the same price with silver moving quickly to $25 , Big players will come in, fund it and BANG!!

  2. Douglas A Bunker

    What are you SMOKING! Send some over here!

    • DOUGLAS_ I AM SELLING 8 CENT SILVER MINERS!!C Can’t you read?” I would love to give all of you my number one holding but the Prez wants it on back burner for now- (he has valid reason)