Monday , 2 October 2023

Your Weekend Read On – Sex, Sports & Security

Like me you probably read dozens of articles every day on the economy, financial matters, investing and the upswarning3 and downs of gold and silver. Often it can be just more of the same theme expressed in a slightly different way. Frankly, at times it can get quite boring. If that is the case right now check out the following on sex, sports and security.


By Lorimer Wilson, editor of

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1. Today’s “Tri-Sexta” – Topless Laws; Extramarital Affairs; First Sex – By Country is a serious financial, economic and investment site with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. That being said, the occasional diversion to off-topic subjects, like sex-related matters, have garnered the greatest interest. Below are 3 such articles. Read More »

2. Hockey’s Stanley Cup: Here’s What the New York Rangers & Los Angeles Kings Are Fighting To Win

The NHL playoffs are about to conclude with the likely winner being the Los Angeles Kings over the New York Rangers. Here is the inside scoop on the coveted Stanley Cup that they are fighting over. Read More »

3. The NFL – What a Business! Interesting Facts on the League & the Super Bowl

As the most popular of the four major American professional sports leagues, the NFL is an industry unto itself. Below is an interesting infographic showing several aspects of the NFL as an industry and how its players’ average annual salaries and career durations compare with those of the NBA, MLB and the NHL. Read More »

4. Think Your Password Is Secure? Hardly!

Most things we think about password security are completely wrong as I found out when I tested one of my passwords against Silent Circle’s crypto analysis tool. Words: 487 Read More »

5. Internationalize Your Internet Address – Here’s Why & How

In this article I explain why you should seriously consider internationalizing your domain name, teach you some basic terms so that you can understand how to choose the jurisdiction of your domain name (as well as make sure that your personal or business information is not leaked out into the public domain) and tell you how to do it. Read on! Read More »

6. Internationalize Your Internet Setup to Prevent NSA from Spying on Your Personal & Business Information – Here’s How

The overreach of the “War on Terror” and heavy-handed copyright laws lend the cover for any US agency to monitor and control your Internet activity. These, and myriad other laws, mean that your personal/business website can be seized at the drop of a hat under the flimsiest of pretexts. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and cheap to move your digital presence across borders where it can dwell in friendlier jurisdictions. Read More »