Saturday , 23 October 2021

Roach Predicts A 35% Drop In the USD

Stephen Roach, former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman, is sounding the alarm on the U.S. dollar….[predicting that the U.S. Dollar Index] will drop by 35% and foresees legitimate challenges to the greenback’s status as the world’s dominant reserve currency. [Here are the reasons why.]

  1. …Roach notes that the U.S. entered the COVID-19 pandemic with an already low domestic savings rate of only 1.4 percent of national income and, courtesy of the new gigantic budget deficits, he projects we are going to see a negative savings rate of –5 percent to –10 percent. The nation’s current account deficit looks set to soar.
  2. Roach feels America has squandered its global leadership in numerous ways: de-globalization, trade protectionism and poor response to Covid 19 to name a few….

The dollar has remained quite strong during the past few years because of foreigners’ belief that the U.S. is “exceptional”…[and, as such,] have been willing to pay a premium for the dollar. However, the bloom may be off the rose, so to speak…

  • The U.S. Dollar Index… which measures the greenback against six other major currencies, is currently down around 9% from its March highs.
  • Hedge funds are warning that shorting dollars is now a crowded trade.

A lower dollar will mean two things for foreigners:

  1. they can buy more U.S. assets (including Treasuries) needed to fund the growing U.S. current account deficit with less of their own currencies and
  2. a lower dollar buying point makes U.S. assets more attractive to foreigners as the U.S. currency risk has been decreased.
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