Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Relax! There Is Still Significant Upside Ahead For the Stock Market

The market is full of valuable information – you just need to know where to look – [so,] this article provides valuable information regarding recession fears and how you should manage your portfolio during these challenging times.

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The US 10-2Y Yield Curve

The US 10-2Y yield curve is a powerful indicator of how the economy will evolve in the future.

Correlation 10-2 Year yield spread and US recessionInsider Opportunities based on FRED data

Today’s inversion of this curve tells us that the economy will likely be red-hot in the near term, followed by a recession due to monetary tightening. This recession will likely occur in 8-22 months from now. Should we therefore be bearish about the stock market in 2022 and beyond? Not necessarily, based on two reasons:

  1. An inverted yield curve has historically been followed by strong stock market gains in the short-to-mid-term. On average, the stock market rallied by 16.9% and 10 months before a downturn occurred.
  2. An economic recession is not necessarily a disaster for stocks in the long term either…

The Stock Market

#$$4$The visualization below gives us a good indication of what might happen with the stock market in the coming year given the inverted yield situation and, astonishingly, only 1/7 times in history has an inverted yield curve been a strong short-term sell signal. In the other six cases, becoming highly bearish about the stock market after a yield curve inversion has not worked out well.

Correlation S&P 500 stock market return and 10 year - 2 year treasury yield spreadInsider Opportunities with FRED and Finance Yahoo data

Market Sentiment

Yes, you should definitely be aware of long-term economic cycles, however, there is one thing in the market which should be much more important for your investment decisions: market sentiment (fear & greed). Understanding this will improve your returns dramatically.

The market moves in cycles based on sentiment and, at Insider Opportunities, we track this sentiment with our IO Opportunities & Risks Index and such is shown in the chart below.

IO Opportunities & Risks Index historical data, alternative for Fear & Greed IndexSource: Insider Opportunities

A high-greed read-out (indicated in red) has historically been followed by very weak returns for the small-cap Russell 2000 Index. In contrast, a high-fear read-out (indicated in green) has historically been followed by very strong returns.

The data is perhaps even more impressive when visualized in a table. As you can observe below, the IO O&R Index has predicted future stock market returns very accurately, especially in the mid-to-long-term. For example, the average read-out below 5 was followed by a 1-year return of 28.3%. Meanwhile, a read-out above 95 was followed by a negative 1-year return of -4.94%.

IO Opportunity & Risk Index correlation with future market returns, Insider OpportunitiesInsider Opportunities; data since 1997

How does this translate to today?

If the yield curve inversion would have been accompanied with high greed in the market, similarly to early-2000 when the Nasdaq collapsed quickly, I would be highly bearish on the markets but, luckily, this is not the case…

What’s next?

Our O&R Index is currently trading at 12.9, which indicates that there is still significant upside ahead as investors become less fearful. A similar scenario to 2006 and 2019 is definitely possible: continued gains despite looming recession fears…

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