Tuesday , 24 May 2022

Reasons Why You Should Get An Extended Warranty For Your Car

Most people have had the experience of buying a new car, only to find out it has a problem within a few months of purchase, which leaves them searching for a way to make it right. From the manufacturer to the car dealership, the cost to fix the problem can be high. That’s why many people opt to get an extended warranty plan. While there are plenty of reasons to purchase a plan like this, this post will cover some other main reasons they can be an estate purchase with any vehicle.

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What Is An Extended Warranty?

Extended warranty coverage is an additional warranty that promises to repair or replace certain parts, usually after the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired. An extended warranty usually covers repairs or replacement for a certain amount of time after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, which in most cases is up to 2 years. Sometimes an extended warranty will cover repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired but well before it expires. An extended warranty’s terms and conditions are usually very similar to those of a standard manufacturer’s warranty. However, some differences can be seen when looking into what exactly is covered by the two warranties.

They are especially relevant when purchasing a high-value vehicle such as a Mercedes or BMW. The spare parts can be costly due to the high-performance engineering that goes into each piece. Additionally, they sometimes cover service intervals, and this BMW dealer advises their customers to design a deal when buying one of their models, including an extended warranty. However, with so many options out there, it can be challenging to decide which type of coverage will best suit your needs. Nevertheless, if you are still on the fence as to whether they are a good investment, you can read the following points to come to a conclusion.

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They Cover The Most Expensive Parts Of The Vehicle

What do the engine, gearbox, and transmission all have in common? They happen to be the costliest parts of a car. This is for apparent reasons as they are typically the most complex parts, but the fact remains that their price reflects this. It cost thousands of dollars for the parts alone, not including the labor to repair them. Therefore, if you were to buy a car and discovered the gearbox wasn’t functioning correctly, you might find yourself severely out of pocket if the manufacturer’s warranty ended. This is where an extended warranty comes in handy in that it will cover these pricey parts. Furthermore, some parts of a vehicle are so expensive that you could end up paying for the warranty for one large repair job.

Peace Of Mind

Following on from the last point, but for slightly different reasons, an extended warranty can provide car owners with peace of mind. You can think of them as insurance policies in the sense that you don’t ever wish to use them, but you know you’ll be glad you bought them if you do need them. While this is especially true for owners of high-value cars, all car owners can benefit.

You Can Customize The Warranty To Meet Your Needs

In the fine print of factory warranties, there are always small details that may make them unsuitable for some drivers. In some cases, you may be able to tailor vehicle protection plans or extended warranties to suit your specific needs. This can be hugely beneficial as, in some cases, you might be able to choose to cover the higher-cost parts while ignoring things like interior care, which might render it more affordable.

It Could Increase Your Vehicles Resale Value

You can usually transfer the warranty to the new owner if you decide to sell your car before the extended warranty expires. A warranty can increase the resale value of a used vehicle because it gives the buyer extra peace of mind for the same reasons that you bought it in the first place. In addition to increasing the resale value, it could make your car more appealing to buyers in a sea of second-hand cars currently flooding the market.

They Sometimes Cover High-Tech Parts

It is no secret that modern cars have become increasingly high-tech. These parts can be complex, if not impossible, to fix or replace by yourself and might require a warranty to cover the job.

Buying an extended warranty is a wise move that can have a significant impact on your bank account. You should get an extended warranty for your car because it will help you save a lot of money. An extended warranty will help reimburse you for repairs that might be costly to fix after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


  1. There is no money tree. A warranty is pre-paying for parts and labor, and adds a profit margin to the bottom line so the warranty provider makes money. It ties the owner to a dealer network which I have found by experience is not beyond hiring the lowest-paid former prisoners and apprentices to do much of the grunt work. And the day after the warranty expires, back to reality again with even higher mileage on the vehicle.

    If the vehicle is built properly to begin with, only failure of the most costly components will sink the owner. A bare-bones warranty might do that like liability insurance protects a driver. But forget the nickel-and-dime stuff, which today is in the hundreds of dollars. If you can afford a Mercedes, pay for the tune-ups yourself.