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Reaction from China Regarding Their Zero-COVID Policy

In a previous dispatch (email) from on the ground in China that I received from my business partner working out of our office/plant there (see here) his opening line was:
  • “China is treading a thin line between controlling infections and a break-out. If the latter happens the proverbial…will hit the fan here!”

By Lorimer Wilson, Founder and Managing Editor of, Your KEY to making money!

#$$4$ He began his second dispatch to me last week (see here) by saying:

  • “The proverbial…HAS hit the fan here!”

and concluded is remarks by saying:

  • “The Port of Shanghai last week was operating at about 70% capacity and that will likely only get worse this week with the total lockdown of the entire city and that will result in reduced shipments out of China, further exacerbating supply chain issues around the world.“ 
Within his email, he said:
  • “…The government… has recently signed supply deals with Pfizer and Moderna for mRNA vaccines and COVID treatment medications and that would suggest preparation are being made to abandon the zero-COVID policy to alleviate the severe economic and social impact such a policy with its widespread lockdowns are having.
I sent him an article I read yesterday from the American Institute of Economic Research by David Waugh entitled Zero COVID Horror Show in Shanghai (see here) in which Waugh took a somewhat alarmist view of the situation in Shanghai saying that:
Waugh went on to say that:

“The CCP’s “zero COVID” pandemic policies…use extensive government intervention to “control” the coronavirus, disregarding all costs…[but] zero COVID is a failed strategy. Data does not support it. Lockdowns, mass quarantines, strict border closures, and other policies do not stop COVID…

The societal and economic carnage severely outweighs any potential benefits of Zero-COVID policies but, unfortunately, the CCP refuses to recognize that zero COVID is ineffective… with the state-controlled media appealing to its citizens to “be confident, trust the policy, don’t panic or be overly anxious, and don’t make up and believe rumors”.

Starving, trapped, exasperated people across the city are audibly screaming from their windows in protest (listen here) with drones flying about telling citizens, “Please comply with COVID restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

The zero-COVID measures in Shanghai ought to be recognized for what they are: human rights abuses. Achieving zero COVID is not possible, so they cannot justify the means (locking down a city of 25 million)…”

Below is the response I got today from my partner who is currently working in China, presented in edited words and format:
“I generally agree with the content of Waugh’s article below as far as the mishandling of the Shanghai lockdown but I disagree with his take on China’s zero-COVID policy….
There WAS logic in the zero-COVID policy:
  • Past pandemics, going back as far as the 13th century, have essentially burned themselves out after a few months or at most a couple of years.
  • The zero-COVID policy was based on the “let’s hunker down and hope it goes away” approach…and China almost made it.
  • They certainly avoided millions of deaths before effective vaccines and treatments were available. If you were to translate the U.S. experience to China, it would have experienced around 5 million deaths instead of the few thousand they have seen without zero-COVID. From that viewpoint, zero-COVID has been a huge success.
The above being said, however, one cannot rest in the glory of past successes, and my belief is that:
  • they now need to abandon the zero-COVID policy and find a way to get to the “living with COVID” strategy being implemented in the rest of the world.
  • Sadly, however, bureaucracies, particularly a bureaucracy like China’s, usually need a severe kick in the rear end to move from one policy to another and particularly with a policy that has been working well.
In the meantime, the people of Shanghai continue to suffer under what is definitely, by western standards, a draconian lockdown.
  • However, we also need to keep in mind that different cultures have different views of events….
  • The few people in Shanghai to whom I have spoken accept the necessity of the lockdown and are dealing with it’s challenges quite stoically.”
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