Saturday , 13 August 2022

Insiders Are Snapping Up These 3 Stocks – Big Time!

…Below are 3 stocks that insiders – be it company executives or 10% + shareowners – are snapping up right now…[and] this is a clear bullish signal in the company’s favor…Let’s take a closer look now.

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1. GTT Communications (NYSE:GTT)

GTT Communications is a multinational telecommunications and internet provider company based in Virginia.

In the last three months, insiders bought shares worth a whopping $56.16 million. Furthermore,  just two days ago, five-star insider Spruce House Partnership LP bought $29.5 million GTT shares, taking its total holding to almost $406 million.







Oppenheimer analyst Timothy Horan recently reiterated his GTT Buy rating with a $62 price target. This indicates sizeable upside potential of over 40% from the current share price ($43)…

2. Adaptimmune Therapeutics (Nasdaq:ADAP)

UK-based Adaptimmune is working to transform cancer treatment with its novel immunotherapies.

Notably, over the last three months, insider purchases of this stock have totaled $209.16 million. This includes multiple purchase over the last week, such as a $24.9 million investment from director and owner David Mott. A top-performing insider, Mott now owns just over $1 billion of ADAP shares (with a further $1 billion invested in other biotech stocks).

Note that the stock is down over the last three months, but on a year-to-date basis, shares are still trading up by an impressive 67%.

Raymond James analyst Reni Benjamin…has a ‘Buy’ rating on ADAP due to its promising start in developing therapies that can shrink solid tumors – potentially leading to improved survival outcomes.

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3. Six Flags Entertainment (NYSE:SIX)

Six Flags is the world’s largest regional theme park operator. The company currently owns 19 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Even though it reported bankruptcy back in 2010, SIX is successfully turning itself around. The company now boasts a significantly de-levered balance sheet and very experienced new management.

From an insider perspective, we can see that CEO & President James Reid-Anderson just snapped up $2.3 million SIX shares. This was on the back of a $7 million purchase two months ago, as well as a smaller purchase from director Richard Roedel. As a result, total insider purchases of the stock come to $9.72 million in just three months.

Oppenheimer’s Ian Zaffino has a ‘Buy’ rating on the stock coupled with an $80 price target (15% upside potential).

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