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Inside Scoop: Fed Rate To Increase By Infinitesimal Amount In December

Believe it or not, what follows is supposedly the transcript of a recent economy-international-pol2speech by the outspoken Gustavo Laframboise-Pierre, Global Director of Statistical Creation at the European Central Bank, to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s “Economic Symposium”. It provides considerable inside insight into what is going to unfold regarding interest rates.

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“Ladies, gentlemen, and bankers, I am pleased to report to you that we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams to control the currency of all nations. We have achieved this in such a mind numbing convoluted, complicated, and complex and confusing fashion that no one understands what we have done.

The world trembles each time we speak. We simply need to mention the words ‘higher interest rates’ and the world’s stock markets collapse until we say the words ‘just kidding’.

No governments dare announce any plans, platforms, positions, or predictions until we whisper in their ear that we will let them borrow the money to make their dreams a reality. Potentates, dictators, miscreants and money launderers are unable to bribe, embezzle, steal, or siphon a single ‘sou’ from public or private coffers without our acquiescence.

Our power is such that even when our transgressions and manipulations are made public, we can rely on the media to focus on the most recent antics of the Kardashians to satiate the public’s need for hard news.

Ladies and gentleman there is no ‘exit strategy’.

  • We control all the levers of government.
  • We care not a whit who is in power.
  • The moneyed class are so indebted to us or afraid of us there is no one who dare oppose us.
  • We are above scrutiny,
  • beyond the law,
  • out of the reach of the gendarmes, and
  • far too complex for main street to understand.

In December we will raise the interest rate by an infinitesimal amount just to catch everyone’s attention. More importantly our action will be a method ‘pour encourager les autres” to ensure everyone understands our power. They must understand that resistance is futile.”

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