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10 Hangover Remedies From Around the World – Pickle Juice Anyone? (+2K Views)

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1. Greasy bacon and eggs – United states 

There’s no scientific explanation as to why we North Americans swear by grease the morning after a heavy night of drinking, but, there’s something about it that seems to soothe our nauseous stomachs and splitting headaches. Although anything greasy is acceptable – pizza, onion rings, burritos, French fries – the classic duo of bacon and eggs is the long-time favourite for Americans. Pair this awesome twosome with home fries and toast for the full hangover breakfast.

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2. Miso soup – Japan

Simple, delicious and easy on the stomach, miso soup is the preferred hangover cure for the Japanese. The basic soup is full of nutrients and enzymes to help your body recover, but add shijimi clams and tofu for added health benefits. Best yet, you can grab a tasty instant version at most convenience stores in Japan – and Canada and the U.S. too!

3. Reparationsbajer – Denmark

The Danish seem to live by the old folk remedy that a drink the morning after helps the horrible effects of a hangover. Thus, they invented the Reparationsbajer, also known as the “recovery beer”. While we aren’t quite convinced by the healing powers of the dog of the hair, we’d be more than happy to keep drinking a brew at a more reasonable hour, like at 8 p.m.

4. Pickle juice – Russia

It makes sense that the country that invented vodka would also have a tried and true tonic for hangovers. The taste may not appeal to everyone, but pickle juice is a definite must for those with pounding headaches and paralyzing dizziness since the juice is filled with electrolytes that’ll help replenish your sore body. Pickle juice is so good at hydration that athletes drank it before Gatorade became the go-to sports drink.

5. Haejangguk – Korea

After a few too many shots of soju, which is the sweeter, Korean cousin of vodka, finish off your evening with a bowl of Haejangguk to prevent the impending hangover. In Korean, Haejangguk means “soup to chase a hangover” and consists of dried Napa cabbage, congealed ox blood and vegetables in a beef broth.

6. Full English breakfast – United Kingdom

The Brits don’t mess around when it comes to curing their hangovers. They go for the whole shebang: eggs, sausage and bacon, baked beans, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, black pudding and hash browns; it’s all part of a well-balanced English breakfast. Although we’re skeptical of the overall nutritional value of this meal, we’re pleased to report that eggs are high in amino acids, which help with liver detoxification.

7. Currywurst – German

To all of those Germans who have waited in long lines in the wee mornings to get currywurst, you have Herta Heuwer to thank. In 1949 in Berlin, Heuwer invented the ubiquitous fast food creation, which consists of fried pork sausage cut into slices and topped with curry ketchup, after obtaining ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder from British soldiers. She combined the ingredients with grilled sausage and then opened up a food stand to sell her snack. After that, the rest is history. Currywurst became a hit and remains one of the country’s most beloved fast food dishes. From drunken tourists and broke students to chancellors and mayors, currywurst is a favourite for all.

8. Several shots of espresso – Italy

Sipping on a cup of coffee is part of the morning routine for hung over types across the world, but it’s a sacred rite of passage for Italians. A few shots of espresso might not cure your upset stomach – in fact, it’ll like dehydrate you even more – but that jolt of energy will make you feel like a million bucks, even if it only lasts for an hour.

9. Pad Thai – Thailand

If you didn’t grab some pad Thai after you stumbled out of the bar, you’ll definitely pick some up the next morning at a street vendor. Lucky for the Thai, their national dish is also great for hangovers: it’s greasy, loaded with carbs, and contains the perfect amount of spice.

10. Poutine – Canada

Forget Niagara Falls, maple syrup and Justin Bieber, poutine is the true national treasure of Canada. Fresh cut fries slathered in gravy, topped with rubbery cheese curds – does a better hangover breakfast even exist? We don’t think so.

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