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Great Articles On Bitgrum, USfinancePost, eResearch & TalkMarkets

I write some VERY informative articles every week exclusively for 4 financial sites so I can not share them in their entirety with you on so I have provided links and brief descriptions to each below and encourage you to check them out.

By Lorimer Wilson, Founder & Managing Editor of and a frequent contributor to,, and

  1. Plant-Based Food Stocks Index Imploding: -52% YTD; -80% From 2021 High
    • Grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have grown 27% in the past year. The stocks in our index are faring less well.
  2. 2 Of The 5 Cannabis Categories Advance Slightly
    • During the second week of May, two of the 5 categories we index showed some improvement; here, the numbers for all the stocks in all 5 categories for last week, YTD and from the 2021 peak.
  3. Psychedelic Compounds-Based Stocks Index Imploding
    • Our index of Psychedelic Compounds-Based Drug Stocks tracking clinical-stage startups still in R&D is down 60% YTD; it’s -78% from its 2021 high.
  4.  American Multi-State Cannabis Operators Imploding – Down 46% YTD; Down 75% From 2021 High
    • The general market weakness and the continuing disappointment in the delay in the introduction of the Senate’s cannabis bill have the largest American multi-state operators (MSOs) imploding.
  5. Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producers Imploding – Down 39% YTD; Down 90% From 2021 High
    • The general market weakness and continuing disappointment in the postponement of the Senate’s cannabis bill have the largest Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) imploding.

  1. Stablecoins: What You Need To Know
    • What are stablecoins? How many types are there? What are they used for? Can you invest in them? What is their future? This article has the answers to these 5 questions.
  2. Invest In Cryptocurrencies With ETFs, Funds or Trusts: Here Are 31 Easy Ways
    • Is going about owning “physical” cryptocurrencies a little too technical for you but you would still like to be involved in the marketplace? Well, here’s the answer: buy an ETF that consists of companies involved in the sector but without the associated risk of self-custody within a digital wallet.
  3. Edison Lithium: The Need For Lithium is Major
    • Lithium is a silvery-white and very soft metal that belongs to the group of alkali metals in the periodic table. There are three main sources of lithium: (1) brine, (2) hard rock deposits, and (3) clay.
  4. How NFTs Apply To Fandifi Technology
    • Fandifi Technology Corp. recently completed a NFT marketplace where fans can mint, buy, sell, trade, and store their NFTs and, most importantly, where users can exchange items with other NFT exchanges, platforms and protocols.

  1. Edison Lithium Enters the “Lithium Triangle” Of South America
    • Edison is about to begin an exploration program at its recently acquired lithium brine projects in Argentina to meet the growing demand for energy metals in the battery industry.
  2. Short and Gamma Squeezes – What You Need To Know
    • Short and gamma squeezes will remain a big story in the financial news media until heavily shorted stocks that have been pushed up by individual investors connected through social media sites such as Reddit’s WallStreetBets come crashing back to earth.
  3. Tobacco Stocks: The Best Way To Invest In the Cannabis Sector?
    • So far this year the 18 largest “seed-to-sale” cannabis stocks have declined by 37.4% while the stock prices of the 5 tobacco companies that have invested heavily in the cannabis industry have increased by +7.6% over the same 4-month period – and pay hefty dividends to boot. Perhaps one or more of these less volatile and financially sound major tobacco stocks warrant your consideration.
  4. Fandifi Technology Stands In Good Company
    • In recent years, the global NFT market had grown to approximately $41 billion in 2021 and, for 2020, the NFT sales of conventional art and antiques stood at $50 billion.

  1. What Is ESG? How Do You Go About Investing In It?
    • It is important to fully understand the growing importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing and the many different ETFs that are available to invest in and this article does just that.


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