Tuesday , 26 September 2023

Goldrunner’s Insights On Coming Gold/Silver Run Up, USD Collapse & Inflationary Depression (+2K Views)

No one has a better grasp of the economic environment than *Goldrunner, a technical analyst who does fractal work. He sees the situation clearly given his extensive proprietary chart work that has put him head and shoulders above all the others in his field. Here are some examples of his recent insights as sent to me by email and which I edited  into the following articles for a broader audience and posted on munKNEE.comYour KEY To Making Money!:

1. Goldrunner: Gold Will Go Ballistic When the USD Goes “Zimbabwe”

Jim Sinclair has come out with a video and stated that with so many Dollars being printed to uphold the economy that Gold would eventually rise to $50,000 in 2025 and reach his top target of $87,500 a troy ounce in 2032.

2. Goldrunner: “Buy Junior Explorers With LARGE Silver Reserves-in-the-Ground For Great Leverage”

The REAL leverage in the precious metals arena goes to those companies with very large amounts of silver reserves in the ground and that leaves the real price rise advantage to the owners of those ounces in the ground, i.e. the little explorers.

3. Goldrunner: Coming Inflationary Depression To Result In $20K to $25K Gold!

I have spent many late nights working up Precious Metals related charts using my usual angled line chart formations along with the historic Fractal Relationships on the charts and come up with price target potentials for the PM Sector that are just “crazy high” on the upside.

*Goldrunner is a personal friend who keeps a small group of interested investors informed by email of market developments with daily commentary on the economic environment and gold and silver developer stocks supported by his proprietary fractal charting. We intend to add a subscription service on his analyses in the months ahead. Stay tuned. If you want to be informed of when that happens let me know in the Comment section and should you subsequently subscribe you will receive a discount for your early interest.

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1. Gold/Monetary Base Ratio Suggests A Significant Monetary Event On the Horizon (+4K Views)

We could be close to major financial/monetary crisis and it is most likely that it could happen during a major stock market crash and recession.

2. Something BIG Is About To Happen In Silver – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

I believe silver is at the very beginning of a historic rally that should take it to all time highs in the triple digits.

3. 56 Gold Forecasts: More & More Analysts Say $3,000 Is Assured; $10,000 Is Likely; $20,000 Is Possible (+6K Views)

More and more analysts are projecting that gold will be going at least as high as $3,000/ozt over the next few years. One analyst even claims that gold will spike at $87,500/ozt.! Below is a revised list of their names and stated rationale for each of their forecasts.

4. Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500? (+77K Views)

Silver prices have risen exponentially for the past 90 years as the dollar has been consistently devalued. Expect continued silver price rises.

5. 19 Silver “Analysts” Now Forecast Anywhere From $5 To $1,200 Is Coming (+3K Views)

Some analysts are forecasting as high as $1,200/ozt. – but a few are suggesting that silver could go considerably lower in price – as low as $5/ozt.. Below are their projections and rationale.

6. Check It Out: Gold Stock Manias in 79/80, 82/83 & 95/96 Saw 2,000 – 4,000% Returns – and It Could Happen Again (+3K Views)

The following documentation (exact returns from specific companies during this era are identified) is actually a fresh reminder of why we think you should hold on to your positions – or start accumulating them, if you haven’t already.

7. What Massive Increase In Monetary Expansion Means For Gold & Gold Mining Stocks

The massive increase in monetary expansion initiated by the Federal Reserve in the wake of the lockdowns imposed to address Covid-19 is clearly a reason to own gold and, in the case of equity investors, gold mining stocks, on a long-term basis.

8. The Silver/Monetary Base Clearly Says Now Is the Time To Buy Silver

There are way more U.S. dollars in existence today than at any point in history, but yet the silver price is not reflecting that reality. Currently, it is really one of the easiest decisions to make silver part of one’s investment portfolio.

9. Sprott Believes Silver Explorers Are the Place To Be (+4K Views)

We are at the point of true risk/reward in the Silver and Gold markets so it is time to take advantage of the situation.

10. Hyperinflation Insights: What You Need To Know! (+5K Views)

To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control and the populace has to completely lose faith in the system – or both at the same time. Will the U.S. go down that path? Let’s review the situation.

11. How Much Gold Should You Own – 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, Even More?

“How much gold should you own?” This article discusses a number of different views on the subject in an attempt to help you answer that question.



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