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Goldrunner: What We ‘Know’ & ‘Don’t Know’ About Where Gold, Silver and PM Stocks Are Going (+2K Views)

One never knows exactly where Precious Metals are going so I always try to keep in mind a list of items that are probable based on the facts that are evident.  I call this “what we know” and “what we don’t know”  so let’s take a look what we “know” and “don’t know” at this point in time. Words: 872

So writes Goldrunner in edited excerpts posted here compliments of (Your Key to Making Money!) and may have been edited ([ ]), abridged (…) and/or reformatted (some sub-titles and bold/italics emphases) for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.

Below are snippets of what Goldrunner had to say:

What we know.

1)      The U.S. and other governments need Gold much higher to balance their balance sheets, but they need them much higher into a certain part, late in the cycle.  Thus, they must manage the price of Gold until they have all of their debts they want to inflate away on their balance sheets.  If Gold were to go into free-rise before that, then Gold would not go high enough to devalue those debts, and at the end of this currency fiasco the U.S. would still have a similar debt problem they are trying to inflate away. [Also read: Governments Will Want – Will NEED – Much Higher Gold Prices! Here’s Why]

2)      So far, the USD inflation/ devaluation (and world currency inflation/ devaluation) is progressing much like the late 70’s.  We know this because the USD Index is trading almost exactly as it did in the late 70’s, and we have monitored the chart of the USD Index.

3)      The management of the price of Gold is very much like the late 70’s progression in terms of the Gold price rise.  We know this because the chart of Gold for the current Gold Bull is very similar to the late 70’s in both price and time movements.

4)      At this point in the cycle we suspect that Gold and Silver are ready to make the next more parabolic move on the chart like the late 70s.  We expect this due to the close similarities of today’s Gold Chart to the late 70’s and considering #1, above.

We also have been seeing short-term intra-day drops in the Gold price that tend to get reversed, upward.  JS says that these types of reversals, intra-day, could not happen if it was the Exchange Stabilization Fund that was managing the Gold price, down, so it is the hedge funds in action.  This gives us reason to believe that we are very close to the next big run in Gold as GS and the ESF supports taking the price of Gold higher- sharply higher since the many will be jumping on board, all at the same time.   This type of price action in Gold should be the final bottoming process before Gold and Silver move higher.

5)      Silver might be expected to lag a bit at this juncture since it is heavily owned by smaller entities where Central Banks have done most of the buying in Gold yet Silver is more volatile and will likely outperform Gold in the coming parabolic run.  Sprott appears to be taking the role of the Hunt Brothers in the current Bull and appears to have been the cause of the over-extended rise for Silver in the last run.

6)      Over recent days we have seen attempts by some newsletter writers to address concerns of PM Stock investors in terms of why the PM Stocks are trading in the doldrums.  These articles have been rather pithy with no good basis stated.  IMO the PM Stock Indices are trading much like the late 70’s, but the longer time-frame due to higher EW degree this time makes everything more sluggish.  I think the argument that the existence of the GLD is a competitor for the HUI Index just doesn’t fly.  In that article the writer makes no real point- he basically takes all sides of the issue.  Personally, I think the GLD ETF was created to make it easier for small investors to invest in a derivative of Gold with no ability to actually take delivery of the metal- to lure investors away from the futures market.

7)      In another article the author bases his idea that the PM Stocks will not/never outperform Gold by using the BGMI as a proxy for the HUI back in the 70s.  The BGMI was mostly composed of huge conglomerate corporations that produced lots of commodities, back then.  Thus, the BGMI is simply a poor comparison.  The bottom line is that by far the majority of investors are used to investing in Stocks, not commodities.  These investors will stick with investing in Stocks because it is “what they know and feel comfortable with.”  Other of these investors see the PM Stocks eventually gaining leverage to Gold and to Silver- and the late 70’s clearly suggest that they will be correct in that logic. 


There is little doubt in my mind that we are very close to the point where Gold, Silver, and the PM Stocks will be moving up aggressively like the similar point in the late 70’sThe characteristic sideways move where the Central Banks heavily accumulate Gold has played out in a sideways move to the lower log channel.  During this period the hedge funds were free to short PM Stocks as they wished, but that will be forcibly reversed as Gold and Silver rocket higher creating a ramp-up in reserve valuations in the ground for all PM Stocks and giving a huge lift to earnings of producers via much higher Gold, Silver, and by-product pricing.

Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original article. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.

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