Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Coming Inflationary Depression To Result In $20K to $25K Gold! (+2K Views)

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I have spent many late nights working up Precious Metals related charts using my usual angled line chart formations along with the historic Fractal Relationships on the charts and come up with price target potentials for the PM Sector that are just “crazy high” on the upside.

By Goldrunner 

(This version of the original article has been edited and abridged by Lorimer Wilson, editor of munKNEE.com, for the sake of clarity and brevity to provide you with a fast and easy read)


Back in 2005…I had targets for Gold to eventually rise up into the $10,000 range by the end of this cycle. A bit later in my chart work, I raised my expectations for Gold to rise higher in the cycle – up to $12,500 – yet the Dollar printing has been high enough that the Gold Chart suggested much higher pricing…

I realized back then that the angled line method that I used to anticipate future pricing had never really been tested so I immediately decided to use the Gold rise up into the 1980 high for Gold as a method to check my “future pricing method.” Low and behold, the 1980 final price left my “angled line pricing technique “short by 50%” of the potential price high for Gold that I expected into the eventual coming top. This difference provides a potential much higher price for Gold than the $12,500 eventual target. In fact, it even provides a potential final Gold price spike high, higher than $20,000, and even as high as $25,000 by the end of 2029.

I don’t know what method Mr. Lassonde from Franco Nevada used in his recent potential projection for $20,000 Gold, but I was very happy to see him post it since I felt like less of an idiot…Then there was an article by Egon von Greyerz saying that Dollar devaluation since 1981 suggests $20,000 Gold…


The rise in the DJIA has recently risen much higher than the fractal work off of the chart of the 70’s had suggested and the recent top for the DJIA took more time for that rise to complete but what really stuck from the charts, however, was that everything about the recent top for the DJIA seemed to fit with a potential MAJOR TOP similar to the 1929 DJIA top on that chart walk. In fact, the sharp fall of the DJIA, didn’t just fall – the fall took the DJIA all the way through the myriad of moving averages I use – “the moving average ribbon” and THAT is a hell of a fall. The DJIA had been driven up much higher than into the 1979 period, had been held up longer, and then, instead of “trading down”, it had technically “CRASHED”, very much like 1929…

With so many people living paycheck to paycheck and no known way for economies to logically recover quickly the government is in the process of massive printing to shore everybody and everything up BUT, the last thing on my mind had been that an INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION was coming…[Indeed,] with all of the printing going on, I would not be surprised if sometime after Gold rises to cover all of the Dollar printing that we might see a new world reserve currency announced…[sometime in the future].


…I have not seen a big move for writers to hammer on the need to hold physical Gold and Silver. Obviously, the Precious Metals companies who mine Gold and Silver will fair well, and the explorers who own ounces in the ground will do extremely well, too…“The Street” has this crazy rule that Gold and Silver Ounces in the ground will not be re-valued higher until the last high has been re-tested. I think we are “there”, but a lag in time can still take place.

We are all in this together – world wide. What do you think about an INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION? Have your say in the Comment section below. We’d like to hear from you.

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  1. GOLD WILL REACH $25000,or /// HIGHER ///

  2. Nice to see Goldrunner producing an article. I used to enjoy his work at Gold Eagle. Some of his targets worked, but his higher ones did not. Big deal. One thing I have done before is read the commentaries at the tops and bottoms of markets. My conclusion: ultimately, nobody gets it 100% right–just some are more correct than others.

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