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Goldman Sachs Privately Telling Clients to Bet on Upcoming Economic Collapse! (+2K Views)

In the report, Brazil says that:

  • the U.S. debt problem cannot be solved with more debt,
  • the European sovereign debt crisis is going to get even worse,
  • there are large numbers of financial institutions in Europe that are on the verge of collapse.

If this is what people at the highest levels of the financial world are talking about, perhaps we should all start paying attention.

There is a tremendous amount of fear in the global financial community right now…Things could start falling apart at any time. Most of these big banks will not publicly admit how bad things are, but privately there is a whole lot of freaking-out going on…Brazil believes that:

    • as much as $1 trillion in capital may be needed to shore up European banks;
    • small businesses in the U.S., a past driver of job production, are still languishing;
    • China’s growth may not be sustainable.

Perhaps most startling of all is what the report has to say about the debt problems of the United States and Europe:

Solving a debt problem with more debt has not solved the underlying problem. In the U.S., Treasury debt growth financed the U.S. consumer but has not had enough of an impact on job growth. Can the U.S. continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?

Remember, this statement was not written by “some guy” on the internet but by a top Goldman Sachs analyst who put it into a report for institutional investors…

Goldman Sachs thinks that it can make money off of the impending collapse in Europe. The following is how Business Insider summarized the advice that Brazil gave in the report regarding how to do so:

  • Buy a six-month put option on the Euro versus the Swiss Franc, thus betting the Euro will drop against the Franc (the Franc being the currency that an official Goldman report recently referred to as the most overvalued in the world)
  • Buy a five-year credit default swap on an index of European corporate debt—the iTraxx 9. This is a bet that some of these companies will default, and your insurance policy, the CDS, will pay off

This is so typical of Goldman Sachs. They will say one thing publicly and then turn around and do the total opposite privately just as they did prior to the financial crisis of 2008 putting together mortgage-backed securities that they knew were garbage and marketing them to investors as AAA-rated investments and then often privately betting against those exact same securities.

The amazing prosperity we have enjoyed for the last several decades has largely been a debt-fueled illusion. It was a great party while it lasted, but now it is coming to an end, and the aftermath of the coming crash is going to be absolutely horrific. Keep watch and get prepared.


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