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Timeless Gold/Silver/Miner Article Classics By Lorimer Wilson

Lorimer Wilson has had the majority of his 6,600 articles over the past 13 years posted on 20 different sites including his own “site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds” but has managed to keep a low profile in the process. That being said, his timeless articles remain articles for the ages. Read on!

Below is a sampling of some of his gold, silver & miner articles that have passed, and will continue to pass, the test of time:

1. Ignore Gold Price Forecasters: None – Absolutely None – Can Accurately Predict the Future Price of Gold

A few years back I published an article that itemized what 148 supposed experts of the day were predicting for the future price of gold and as it turns out none of them – not one – knew what they were talking about. By trying to do so they were all playing a fool’s game, a game reserved for the brave but foolhardy.

2. Gold:Silver Ratio Suggests Much Higher Future Price for Silver – MUCH Higher! (+20K Views)

The majority of analysts maintain that gold will reach a parabolic peak price somewhere in excess of $5,000 per troy ounce in the next few years. Given the fact that the historical movement of silver is 90 – 95% correlated with that of gold suggests that a much higher price for silver can also be anticipated. Couple that with the fact that silver is currently greatly undervalued relative to its average long-term historical relationship with gold and it is realistic to expect that silver will eventually escalate dramatically in price. How much? This article applies the historical gold:silver ratios to come up with a range of prices based on specific price levels for gold being reached.

3. Gold Measurements “Troy” & “Karat”: What Do They Mean? (+3K Views)

You have no doubt read countless articles on the price of gold costing x dollars per “troy ounce” or perhaps just x dollars per “ounce” but the difference between the two measurements is significant. For that matter, what’s the difference between a 24 karat gold ring and an 18 karat gold ring? Let me explain.

4. Which Gold and Silver Assets (and How Much) Should You Own? (+2K Views)

It is no longer a matter of whether or not you should buy gold and/or silver but, rather, which type of investment(s) and how much. You don’t need a lot but you do need some – and here’s a primer on just what type of investment vehicles are available and recommendations on just how much you should buy. Words: 1086

5. Investing in Gold & Silver is a ‘No Brainer’ – Here’s Why!

It is a “no brainer” to stock up on precious metals and other tangibles given that our governments are working overtime to make our paper money worthless.

6. What’s In Your Wallet? Any Gold or Silver CombiBars™? (Almost 3K Views)

CombiBars™ are precious metal bars which are constructed with predetermined breaking points so they can be separated easily without any loss of material. Indeed, they are designed such that the divisible bar can easily be carried in your wallet.

7. Gold vs Oil: Which Is Currently Over-Priced? Which Has Greater Upside Potential?

As a rule of thumb when the ratio is below 9, oil is relatively expensive (and gold is relatively inexpensive) and when the ratio is above 20, oil is relatively inexpensive (and gold is relatively expensive).

8. Gold:USD Ratio – How Trends In the USD Affect the Price Of Gold

We can use correlations to develop short term cases for various markets and this article analyzes the relationship – the correlation – between the value of the U.S. dollar and the price of gold bullion.

9. Watch These Gold:Silver & Gold:Miner Ratios For Insights Into Future Price Action

Serious investors should make a habit of watching key ratios related to gold. They all suggest that it is still a great opportunity to buy gold & silver and/or their miners.

10. The Copper:Gold Ratio Is One of the Untold Wonders of Market Analysis & Here’s What It’s Saying

If you want to know how the global economy is doing let this simple indicator do the talking – and here is what it is saying these days.

11. What Is the Gold:Oil Ratio Saying About Future Direction of Stock Market? Check It Out

As can be seen from the above analysis the DJIA moves opposite to the direction of the GOR so it is imperative to watch the GOR as it provides a very reliable indicator of the direction the DJIA is about to embark on.

12. The Gold:Platinum Ratio Is An Outstanding Indicator Of the Stock Market’s 12-month Direction & This Is What It’s Forecasting

The gold-platinum ratio (GPR) has had a significantly better track record than most other indicators in forecasting the stock market’s 12-month direction so what does that say about the future of the stock market?

13. Dow:Gold Ratio – If You’re Heavily In Equities This Article Should Make You VERY Nervous

The Dow:Gold ratio is a powerful tool in order to determine major turnarounds in the DJIA and/or gold so, if you are heavily into equities, this article should make you very nervous.

For additional articles on the subject not written by me go here for some more informative and enjoyable articles on gold, silver and its miners.

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