Sunday , 2 October 2022

Forget the Hype! Cannabis Stocks Are DOWN -13.1% YTD

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We constantly read the hype about the cannabis sector doing extremely well but the Pure-Play “Seed-to-Sale” Pot Stocks Index reveals that sizeable pure-play companies are DOWN -13.1% YTD. Here are the details:

By Lorimer Wilson, Managing Editor of, Your KEY To Making Money!

The munKNEE  Pure-Play “Seed-to-Sale” Pot Stocks Index consists of the 23 non-ancillary (i.e. pure-play) cannabis companies that trade for at least US$1/share, have a market cap of at least US$200M and trade on one or more of the Canadian and/or American stock exchanges. 6 of the 23 index constituents that meet that criteria are Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) and 17 are American Multi-State Operators (MSOs) and they represent 10% of the total universe of 220 cannabis and ancillary companies currently trading.

Only 6 of the 23 constituents are up YTD, namely:

    • Organigram (OGI): +69.9%; Harvest Health (HRVSF): +49.1%; Tilray (TLRY): +27.0%; 4Front Ventures (FFNTF): +13.2%; Goodness Growth (GDNSF): +11.5% and Green Thumb (GTBIF): +3.1%.

The remaining 17 constituents are down, YTD as follows, in ascending order:

  • 3 constituents are DOWN -40% or more YTD:
    • Hexo (HEXO): -52.7%; Canopy Growth (CGC): -46.3%; Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF): -40.3%.
  • 4 constituents are DOWN  -30% to -39.9% YTD:
    • Columbia Care (CCHWF): -39.5%; Verano (VRNOF): -38.5%;  TerrAscend (TRSSF): -34.5%; Jushi (JUSHF): -33.3%.
  • 1 constituent is DOWN -20% to -29.9% YTD:
    • Cronos (CRON): -21.0%.
  • 4 constituents are DOWN -10% to -19.9% YTD:
    • Planet 13 (PLNHF): – 19.3%; Acreage (ACRDF/ACRHF): -19.1%; Cresco (CRLBF): -17.2%; Aurora (ACB): – 13.2%.
  • 5 constituents are DOWN -1% to -9.9% YTD:
    • Gage Growth (GAGE): -8.3%; Trulieve (TCNNF): -6.6%; Ascend Wellness (AAWH): -5.3%; Curaleaf (CURLF): -4.8%; Ayr Wellness (AYRWF): -2.9%.

Action Going Forward

The above account is a grim reminder of how poorly cannabis stocks have performed to date in 2021, in general, but one could look at this decline as, perhaps, an opportunity to buy one or more of those stocks that have declined by doing some in depth research as to which hold considerable promise going forward.

A Few Last Words: 

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