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Fandom Sports Media To Reward Users With NFTs Under the Tagline “Play, Predict, and Get Rewarded”

Fandom Sports Media Corp. (CSE: FDM | OTC: FDMSF | FSE: TQ43), a Vancouver-based gaming and entertainment company, is all set to launch its all-ages gamification platform that will reward fan engagement with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) under the tagline “Play, Predict, and Get Rewarded.”

By Lorimer Wilson, Founder and Managing Editor of as sourced from a detailed research article by Chris Thompson of eResearch.

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Not all the above questions are pertinent to the Fandom Sports Media concept but now that you have an in-depth understanding of NFTs, in general, let’s take a look at how NFTs apply to Fandom Sports.

Recently, the company completed the development of its Prediction Engine, NFT trading platform, and outlined the strategy for product launch, gamification, and rewards implementation of its modular peer-to-peer (P2P) sports wagering platform on its website Now that the platform is live the company is undergoing the transition to an operating and revenue-generating enterprise.

The online platform and mobile application:

  • allow fans to wager and make predictions to earn rewards by engaging with real-time streamed and broadcast content such MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and major international Soccer league game, Esports, as well as all streamed and broadcast content;
  • enables users to watch their favorite content and use Fandom Sports’ Prediction Engine to make predictions and wagers against their friends or the global community;
  • is mobile-friendly for predictions and data interactions allowing the company to target a large number of fans;
  • is fully integrated with the company’s partner banks and online payment solutions allowing customers to fund their accounts to facilitate P2P wagering on sports and Esports.

Fandom Sports development teams are completing the gamification and rewards engine, expected to be finished in the second quarter of 2022, and, once launched, users will be able to watch live events and engage with other fans by predicting, wagering, and creating real-time NFTs, all on one platform.

After the launch, Fandom Sports aims to present specific monetization and customer acquisition opportunities to content creators and key industry stakeholders worldwide.  Potential partners could include streaming and broadcast platforms including some of the most popular social platforms.

By embedding its technology with partner organizations, Fandom Sports plans to cast a wide net for audience aggregation and revenue generation.

Fandom Sports plans to capitalize on the current trends and build its platform at the intersection of live streaming, Esports, and sports with unique NFTs. With the company’s innovative prediction technologies, the marketplace will allow for specific utilities across a range of content platforms.

For information on Fandom’s current stock price, market capitalization, etc. go here.

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