Expect Gold To Reach All-time High Within A Year – Here’s Why

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Both U.S. dollar index (DXY) and gold have been rallying in tandem since last year, which is a rare occurrence due to their normally inverse correlation. @A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds

[As can be seen in the chart below:]

Source: WingCapital Investments

…historically there were only two other periods since 2000 during which:

  1. Gold rallied more than 10% in the past 52 weeks while DXY was also positive @Follow the munKNEE
  2. Both gold and DXY were up 4 out of the last 5 weeks

The instances (2006 & 2010) are highlighted in the above chart, and the forward returns in gold are shown below:

DateGold52-Wk ChgDXY52-Wk ChgBoth DXY & GC Up Last 4 / 5 WksGold Forward Chg4-Wk12-Wk24-Wk52-Wk
2005-2006 Avg-0.05%15.14%16.47%19.24%
2010 Avg2.48%1.06%13.31%25.88%

The statistical analysis illustrates that when gold and U.S. dollar were up in the long and short-term together during 2006 and 2010, substantial gains in gold were still ahead within a year in both instances. .@Gold&Silver

[Given the above,] while elevated speculative positioning and looming weak seasonality (gold tends to top around end of February and pull back for several months before launching higher again) could mark a short-term top, in the long-run, we expect gold to march towards and reach its all-time highs…

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