Monday , 11 December 2023

Everything Is In Place For A Serious Stock Market Correction – But When?

…One of his greatest investing mantras of Warren Buffett is to be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. Never has more sound advice been given.

This article is an edited ([ ]) and revised (…) synopsis by of an article by John Whitefoot to ensure a faster & easier read. It may be re-posted as long as it includes a hyperlink back to this revised version to avoid copyright infringement.

Warren Buffett Indicator Predicts Stock Market Crash in 2017 | BullionBuzzWith 2017 half over, and despite gridlock in Washington, drama in the White House, and barely-there economic growth, the S&P 500 remains bullish. It has advanced 9.8% and is in record territory. It is up more than 14% since Trump won the election in November 2016.

Wall Street remains optimistic despite what`s going on within the US. Meanwhile, tensions in the UK, North Korea, the Middle East and terrorist attacks will all have an effect on the U.S. economy and the stock market.

Whitefoot discusses in his unedited and unabridged original article:

  • how the Warren Buffett Indicator shows that stocks are significantly overvalued;
  • how other indicators  show that stocks are significantly overvalued;
  • how Buffett is sitting on a record pile of cash; and
  • how Buffett`s actions point to a stock market crash.

As it stands, everything is in place for a serious stock market correction; the question is when. With markets in record territory and momentum strong, the next crash may not be around the corner but, with valuations getting further and further out of whack, stocks will have further to fall when a crash comes.

…While a stock market crash induced by bad US economic indicators is not all that likely in the coming months, there are black swan events that could send stocks into a tailspin. This is where the Oracle of Omaha shines, when investors are fearful and running for the exits.

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  1. Sunday September 3, 2017 9:23 PM EST
    Silver is trading ASK is dangerously close to $18.00.
    The Sidney Market closes in about 4 hours.
    Expect a HFT to smash paper Silver prices. It is a 3 day weekend, the stock market is closed.
    The Central Banks most likely do not want Silver to cross the $18.00 threshold.
    This is a perfect time for Central Banks to correct both Silver and Gold as the markets are closed for most people except for the Too Big To Fail group that can set paper contracts to fix the price to their own advantage.

  2. When weaker nations went off the petro dollar the USA simply crushed them. Now that very strong nations are jumping off the petro dollar started during the Nixon Kissinger era the dollar will collapse and Saudi Arabia who owns the USA as per the petro dollar deal…[ The USA agreed to protect Saudi Arabia with military might if they agreed to only trade oil in US Dollars which meant any time the Saudis had a dislike for anyone they could call upon the USA to beat up their adversaries.] Take note of the huge arms deal against Yemen and how Saudi Muslims hate Iranian Muslims, Syrian oil pipeline etc.
    This and plans for major global destruction will crash stocks in my humble opinion. It may be soon.
    Don’t forget to invest in your eternal soul as well as monetary temporal needs.

    • We can count on “higher debt ceiling”, printing more USD (and debt), and faking the obsoleted Jobs and other Federal Economic Reports.
      The financial Guru keep saying we are in a new age, “it will be different this time”.
      Elected officials know what we need to fix the economy, but don’t know how they can be re-elected if they so much as discuss the fix.
      Our nation will understand Earnest Hemmingway’s explanation to the question: “how did someone so rich as you go Bankrupt?” He said: Slowly at first, then all at once.
      Right now there are two crisis, one in Texas and one in Illinois. A hurricane cause total and long lasting destruction in one, and the elected officials and bankers caused the total and long lasting destruction in the other.